Tower of God: NEW WORLD tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Tower of God: NEW WORLD is the latest game in the Tower of God franchise and like previous games, it too is filled with fun RPG mechanics and other features. Being a newly released game a lot of players will naturally have trouble learning the ropes so here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to help them out. 

Make use of auto dispatch

Choosing the right teammates and elementals can be overwhelming when you start in Tower of God: NEW WORLD. However, that needn’t stop you from having a great team to fight enemies as the auto-dispatch feature selects your teammates for you.

The feature has two options that focus on Combat Power and Element respectively. Selecting your desired option will make things a lot easier for you, by taking the weight of choice off of your hands. 

Do not ignore the Elements

As mentioned earlier, choosing the correct characters can be an overwhelming task in Tower of God: NEW WORLD and one of the reasons for it are the Elements.

These Elements offer both buffs and debuffs that are applied to you and your opponents. They also significantly impact combat and must be paid importance to. 

Read the story of every character

Reading the backstory of characters is a great way to learn more about them, feel more connected to them, and ultimately immerse yourself in Tower of God: NEW WORLD. However, there is a more rewarding reason to do this, and that is Suspendium. 

Suspendium is not easy to come by, but one of the ways to accumulate it is by reading the backstory of the characters you pull. You get 100 Suspendium for every character’s backstory you read. 

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Don’t forget to claim the loot 

Loot in Tower of God New World gets generated automatically even when you’re not playing the game. The game will generate loot over time and you can claim it whenever you wish by just logging in and heading over to the loot menu.

Additionally, you can also stand the chance to get an additional 120 minutes of generated loot! 

Understand your teammates

The teammates you select in Tower of God: NEW WORLD will decide whether you will win or lose. So, just use to auto-dispatch feature or use the strongest characters right? Well…sadly, it’s not as simple as that. 

There are multiple factors you will have to consider while selecting your teammates; the two main ones being Elements and abilities.

Choosing the strongest characters might not always be ideal as they must complement each other, and the auto dispatch feature is only good early on in the game.

So, make sure to dive deep into the Elements and the abilities of your characters so that you will be able to create the perfect team. 

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