Truck Simulator: World tips and tricks: Guide for beginners 

Truck Simulator: World is a truck-driving simulator game available on Android and iOS, developed by Sir Studios. It offers a vast map for driving across in a variety of American and European trucks. The game can be challenging for newcomers, so here are a few tips and tricks to help them.

Select the Right Controls

Truck Simulator: World allows players to customize their controls, which is crucial for achieving the best times, avoiding crashes, and enhancing gameplay. Unlike games like GTA, where crashes have minimal consequences, this game requires more precision.

There are three control options:

  • Steering: This setup uses a virtual steering wheel for precise control. However, it can be awkward for some players depending on finger size.
  • Tilt: This option lets you tilt your phone to steer. It offers precision without the awkwardness of the steering wheel but can be disorienting for some.
  • Arrows: Perhaps the safest option for new players, this setup uses virtual arrow keys for steering and is generally without drawbacks.

Lower the Graphics for Better Performance

While Truck Simulator: World is visually appealing, high graphic settings can cause frame rate issues, especially on less powerful devices. This can affect gameplay and cause crashes.

If you’re experiencing performance issues, consider lowering the graphics settings in the menu. This trade-off will improve gameplay stability.

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Collect Daily Gifts

The game offers daily rewards for logging in, including in-game cash, truck coins, XP/currency boosts, and sometimes even trucks. Be sure to log in daily to collect these gifts.

Set the Transmission to Automatic

For new players, it’s advisable to set the transmission to automatic. Manual transmission adds complexity and can be overwhelming for beginners.

Once you’re more comfortable with the game, switching to manual transmission can improve your performance in jobs, but it shouldn’t be a priority when starting.

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