Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG tips and tricks: Guide for beginners 

Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG is a fantasy RPG available on mobile that takes players on adventures while also giving them the ability to build their very own kingdom. The game has deep mechanics and newcomers may feel overwhelmed, so here are a few tips and tricks that will make things easier. 

Always summon 10 heroes at once

When you accumulate enough jewels in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG your first decision would be to summon a knight. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with doing that, you should hold on to your jewels until you gather 3000 of them (or 10 Knight Summon tokens).

Doing so will allow you to summon 10 knights at once which will increase the chances of summoning a Legend Knight. 

Have a good balance of different structures in your kingdom 

In Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, you can build various structures in your kingdom. Each one of the structures is unique and can be used for different reasons.

For example, the Bakery will generate bread which can be used to feed your knights, while the Altars of Light help you with knight resets. All structures are vital for building your kingdom in their way, and while some may take priority over others, having a balance or a near balance of them will benefit you tremendously. 

Prioritize upgrading the Knight Castle

As mentioned earlier, some structures will be more critical in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, and the most important one is the Knight Castle.

Upgrading the Knight Castle will give you a plethora of upgrades, including more knight slots, badge slots, manor slots, and even higher base stats for all knights. 

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Don’t forget to claim the Wall’s rewards 

The Wall in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG will allow you to station your heroes who will automatically fight off invaders. The neat thing about this is that they will also automatically collect all the loot (jewels, dungeon keys, summoning tokens, etc.) which will be deposited in a special chest as a reward. 

While this is convenient, the rewards will only be claimable for 10 hours after which they will disappear. While it sounds like a major inconvenience, the game being a mobile game will make it far easier for you to log in frequently and claim the rewards so make sure to do so.  

Complete daily and weekly quests

Without a doubt, the best thing a new player can do in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG is complete the daily and weekly quests. They not only offer you excellent rewards like jewelry, dungeon keys, etc. But these are some of the fastest ways to progress in the game.

Additionally, try and complete eight quests every day before the timer runs out as you will get extra rewards. 

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