War Thunder Mobile tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

War Thunder Mobile is the hot new MMO available on mobile. Like its PC and console counterparts, the game involves massive-scale battles between players across a large map. The difference here is that players only have tanks and ships available to play. The developers have confirmed that the planes will be added one day, there is still a while to go before that happens. 

However the lack of a whole vehicle class doesn’t make the game any less easier and can be quite complicated for new players, so here are a few tips and tricks that will surely help them out. 

Don’t forget to upgrade your vehicle

War Thunder Mobile is a fun game no doubt and will have you playing it non-stop. It’s understandable why one would do that, but remember to take the time to upgrade your vehicle from time to time when you have accumulated enough money and resources. 

Your ships and tanks can be upgraded in many ways including firepower, damage, aiming, accuracy, etc. which are vital for coming out victorious in the game, so make sure to upgrade your vehicle. 

Consumables are useful

Consumables are often overlooked in War Thunder Mobile but can help close the gap between you and your adversary or surpass your enemy who is of equal skill.

They provide various kinds of aids that can be of great help in difficult situations. First aid kits can help restore HP and fire extinguishers can help put out the fire from your burning vehicle. 

These consumables can be bought for golden or silver coins from the shop so make sure to have some on before you enter a match. 

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Don’t forget to collect the daily rewards 

A great feature of War Thunder Mobile is the daily rewards. However, these aren’t the normal daily login rewards you find in every other game. The difference here is that they will be available only during the first 14 days of playing. So, essentially it acts as a new player bonus. 

These rewards come in the form of loot boxes – small boxes every day and a big box on days 7 and 14 respectively, and have a time limit and cannot be redeemed whenever you wish.

If you miss the reward of one of the days you will essentially miss that day’s reward box, so make sure to claim them without fail. 

Know the weak spots of enemy vehicles 

As a new player in War Thunder Mobile, you may have experienced a peculiar phenomenon where you get taken out in one or two shots while you seem to take forever to kill your targets despite upgrading your damage. 

If this has happened to you then the answer you’re looking for is “weak spot”. Combat in War Thunder Mobile has a more realistic approach to things and as such all vehicles be it tanks, ships, or the attack planes that are yet to be added have weak points that when attacked deal massive amounts of damage.

Identify the weak spots of each vehicle in the game, learn to aim well and shoot, and you will be an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

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