Warframe’s ‘Duviri Paradox’ expansion set to release in April

The Duviri Paradox expansion is finally coming to Warframe in April after being delayed from last year to 2023. The announcement was made in the recently held dev stream by Digital Extremes.

The Duviri Paradox is bringing another open-world map to Warframe for players to explore. The expansion can be played in three different modes: The Circuit, which is a Warframe-only “endless game mode”; The Lone Story, which seems to be a story-only experience where you play alone; and The Duviri Experience, which is how the expansion was intended to be played.

Players can also fight enemies using their Warframes in a place called the Undercroft. The Decree system is also going to somehow tie into it. 

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Digital Extremes also hinted at the infamous Stalker being a playable character in the expansion. Fans are excited about this as they are getting to play as someone who has probably killed every Warframe player at some point. 

That’s not all though, Digital Extremes revealed two more things to keep fans excited. Hildryn Prime is set to release on March 15 along with her weapons Larkspur Prime and Shade Prime Sentinel. 

The other exciting news was the reveal of this year’s Wennocon which will be held on August 26 at the RBC convention center in Ontario, Canada. It will be held in person after years of being digital-only because of COVID.

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