Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun: All weapons explained

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, developed by Auroch Digital, is a boomer shooter set in the titular universe. The pixelated, yet detailed gore and bloodshed coupled with fast-paced run-and-gun combat will make fans of Doom right at home while playing this game. 

Naturally, a game like this offers multiple weapons to play with. There are eight weapons you can slay heretics with and here’s a list of all of them. 


The Chainsword is a classic weapon in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It is essentially a sword but with a chainsaw for the blade. It’s a great melee weapon that can shred unarmored enemies into pieces. 


The Bolter, also known as the Boltgun, is your default weapon in the game. It’s a dependable gun that shoots miniature missiles, and you cannot go wrong with it.

It has multiple variations that can turn it into a Bolt Pistol or the titan-mounted Vulcan mega-bolter. One of its variations, the Dragonfire Boltgun, shoots blazing hot gas making it effective against enemies who hide behind cover. 

Heavy Bolter

Heavy Bolter is basically a bigger and beefier version of the regular Bolter/Boltgun. It has higher damage and a higher fire rate and doesn’t require a reload so you can blast away at enemies with this gun. 


The Shotgun is a powerful gun that can be used with different types of ammo ranging from armor-piercing rounds to man-stopper rounds. It can be used in three modes: single, semi-automatic, and automatic modes. 

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Plasma Gun

The Plasma Gun, as the name suggests, shoots blue orbs made of plasma with the help of liquid nitrogen fuel, making it good against well-armed enemies. 

Melta Gun

The Melta Gun uses pressurized pyram-petrol fuel to shoot out balls of fire. It unfortunately has a short range, but it’s great against armored vehicles.


The Grav-Cannon is a badass weapon that manipulates gravity itself allowing you to basically use the enemies against them. This gun is also good against armored vehicles. 

Vengeance Launcher

Vengeance Launcher is the closest thing you’ll get to a grenade launcher in Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun. It shoots “fusion charges” that can stick to surfaces and stay there until they blow up. What’s unique about this weapon is that you can shoot up to five of these charges at once making it an absolute beast of a weapon.

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