Wild Runners tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Wild Runners is an online racing game that pits you against other players where all of you are competing to come in the first place while simultaneously placing traps and other objects at each other to increase your chances of winning.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help newcomers improve the game. 

Choose the right power-ups 

Wild Runners offers players various power-ups, which they can use during a race to either buff themselves or trap enemies, depending on the specific power-up. These power-ups can be equipped beforehand, so make sure to choose the right ones.

There are a total of twenty-four types of power-ups, each providing a unique advantage. For example, Dynamite can be thrown in front to explode an opponent ahead of you, while Bubble acts as a shield, protecting you for a period and exploding on impact.

Experiment with each of them and select the ones that best suit your playstyle. However, if a particular power-up you don’t want to use has a higher rarity than the one you want to use, be sure to equip it anyway, as the higher the rarity, the better the effect.

Be on the lookout for bubbles

When it comes to using power-ups in Wild Runners, you’ll need to pass through bubbles. Running through these bubbles grants you access to a random power-up from your selected arsenal.

These bubbles are easily recognizable by the question mark symbol within them. Therefore, if you spot them ahead of you, be sure to run through them to activate your power-up.

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Play with a controller 

Wild Runners features simple controls, primarily consisting of a virtual joystick and a jump button for most of your racing actions. While these controls work well for many players, some may find them less efficient, particularly those using small-screen smartphones.

If you belong to the latter group, it’s worth considering the use of a controller. Controllers provide greater precision in your movement, offering a significant advantage depending on your skill level.

Focus on completing quests

In Wild Runners, some quests offer rewards upon completion. It’s important to note that you can only have three active quests at a time, and new quests will become available after you’ve finished the previous three.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to prioritize completing these quests, as they provide an excellent opportunity to earn rewards.

Consider buying the premium Wild pass

Speaking of rewards, consider buying the premium Wild Pass if you want better and more rewards in Wild Runners. You may already know about the free Wild pass which does offer rewards, but the best rewards are unfortunately locked behind a paywall.

If you have a bit of money lying around and want to get ahead of everyone else in the game then consider buying the premium pass. 

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