The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Best early and late-game weapons

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a great many weapons to choose from and the new fuse ability virtually multiplies that tenfold. If you’re wondering which are the best weapons in the game, we have compiled a list that includes both regular weapons as well as powerful fuse combinations.

Early game weapons

Skeletal Bokoblin Arm + Skeletal Bokoblin Arm

You might have come across a few Skeletal Bokobin while playing Tears of the Kingdom, but if you haven’t, they can be found in caves or at night time.

When killed, they drop arms which can be used as weapons. Now, one arm alone isn’t that great, but when fused with another it becomes an incredibly powerful weapon for the early game that has 40+ power. The only drawback is that it has significantly less durability, so make sure to save it for harder fights. 

Spear + mushroom

This seemingly ridiculous combination is quite useful during the early hours of Tears of the Kingdom. It doesn’t offer much in the way of damage, but it does have a knockback effect which can be used for several things like keeping enemies away from you, separating them from their group, etc. 

Soldier Reaper 

The Soldier Reaper is one of the best early-game weapons and the most powerful one you can find in the tutorial areas. You can grab it in the Pondscave, in a chest that sits on top of a rock in the middle of a pond and will be guarded by a few Soldier Constructs.

It has good stats overall and will easily carry you through most of the early game. 

Two-handed weapon + Blue Moblin Horn

Both of these items are relatively easy to find once you get access to the open world in the game. Fusing these two will create a weapon that deals massive damage which you might want to save for boss fights and other important situations.

The only drawback is its slow speed, but the damage it causes will make up for it. 

Anything + Spiked Iron Ball 

While playing Tears of the Kingdom you will come across Spiked Iron Balls, and when you do, be sure to fuse them with any unfused weapon you have. They might not seem like anything special, but they offer +15 in damage, making them a very good choice for the early game. 

Zonaite Longsword + Soldier’s Construct Horn 

This combination will create one of, if not the best, early-game weapons as it has good stats in all three departments; Power, speed, and durability.

Getting this combination can be slightly tricky as Zoniaite Longswords aren’t the most common thing in Tears of the Kingdom. However, that’s not to say it is in any way rare, as you will eventually find a few while playing. 

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Late game weapons 

Zora weapons

Zora weapons are some of the strongest weapons in the game. What makes them so powerful is also what limits them (in a way); They can deal 100% more damage, but only when they are wet.

This makes them overpowered when fighting in water or rain. However, you can get the same boost when not fighting in those circumstances by using Splash Fruits and Chuchu Jellies. 

Gerudo Scimitar

This is not the strongest weapon, but it does have incredible speed and gets a damage bonus when fused with items that increase its power. It is also the easiest weapon to get among the late-game weapons mentioned here and can be obtained rather quickly in the Gerudo regions. 

Fusing them with items like the Silver Lynel Saber Horn or a Flux Core will give a tremendous damage boost. We’re talking 125+. However, all this comes at a cost. It has very poor durability, so make sure you un-fuse whatever you have attached to it before it breaks. 

Savage Lynel Bow

The title of “Strongest Bow in Tears of the Kingdom” goes to the Savage Lynel Bow. Getting this bow, however, is no easy task as you will have to defeat a Lynel which is the most powerful non-boss enemy in the game. 

This bow can shoot multiple arrows horizontally at once, which does hinder its ability to do damage from afar, but makes it deadly in mid to close-range combat. 

The Master Sword

The Master Sword returns in Tears of the Kingdom and is one of the best weapons in the game. However, to obtain it you will have to wait until you have two full stamina bars as you will need that much stamina to pull the sword out of the Light Dragon. 

The Master Sword unfortunately doesn’t have infinite durability, but it does have decent durability. So, you can use it freely for the most part. It also has a neat new ability that recharges its power. 

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