Zenless Zone Zero: Everything we know about the game

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming free-to-play urban fantasy action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo, known for their previous titles like Genshin Impact.

Slated for release in 2024, the game is set in the HoYoverse and expected to launch on Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, and unspecified home consoles.

This game represents a new direction for miHoYo, delving into a unique urban fantasy setting.

Setting and story

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic futuristic metropolis called New Eridu, the last bastion of civilization after a supernatural disaster known as the Hollows.

These Hollows are portals to alternate dimensions from which creatures called Ethereal emerged, wreaking havoc on humanity.

New Eridu has managed to survive by harnessing the technology and resources of the Ethereal.

The city is now a blend of various elements, including technology, gangs, corporations, and fanatics, all competing for control over the resources provided by the Hollows.


In Zenless Zone Zero, players assume the role of a Proxy, a character tasked with guiding others through the hostile environments of the Hollows.

The game combines action role-playing elements with roguelike mechanics, offering a combat system that emphasizes combos and the strategic use of different party members’ abilities.

The gameplay also features exploration of the city’s urban landscape and combat against various enemies, including Ethereal monsters and rival factions.


HoYoverse (miHoYo’s global brand) revealed Zenless Zone Zero in May 2022 and has conducted several closed beta tests to refine the game.

The game’s development team comprises former Rockstar Games employees, suggesting a high level of expertise and experience in crafting engaging open-world experiences.

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Art Style and presentation

Zenless Zone Zero is noted for its unique art style, which blends contemporary and futuristic elements.

The game’s trailers and promotional materials showcase a vibrant, dystopian world filled with intricate character designs and dynamic combat sequences.

The game’s art and urban life gameplay are set against a backdrop of an engaging, action-packed narrative.


The announcement of Zenless Zone Zero has generated significant interest in the gaming community, particularly among fans of miHoYo’s previous titles.

The game’s urban fantasy setting, combined with its action RPG gameplay, makes it one of the more anticipated releases of 2024.

As the release date approaches, further details about the game’s features, characters, and specific gameplay mechanics are expected to be revealed, offering a clearer picture of what players can expect from this new title by miHoYo.

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