Delta Force: Hawk Ops: Everything we know about the game

Delta Force: Hawk Ops marks a thrilling reboot of the storied Delta Force series, promising to captivate both new and returning fans with its blend of tactical shooter gameplay and realistic military action.

Here’s everything we know so far about this highly anticipated game.

Introduction to Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Level Infinite, Delta Force: Hawk Ops is set to revolutionize the tactical shooter genre.

This free-to-play, multiplayer tactical first-person shooter is a tribute to the series that has authentically portrayed military warfare since 1988, offering an immersive battlefield experience across various platforms.

Gameplay innovations and modes

Delta Force: Hawk Ops introduces several gameplay innovations and modes, ensuring a rich and diverse experience:

Hazard Operations: Players strategize with a 3-man squad, adapting to any situation with class and gear selection, engaging in resource hunts, and executing secure evacuations for rewards.

Havoc Warfare: This mode emphasizes massive-scale battles across land, sea, and air, featuring class selection (Assault, Sniper, Engineer, Medic), vehicle warfare, and an immersive experience through dynamic and realistic battlefields​​.

Black Hawk Down: A campaign mode that’s a nod to the classic, featuring ultra-high graphics and a cinematic combat experience that revisits iconic scenes and characters from the Delta Force lore​​​​.

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Development and realism

The game’s development emphasizes creating a realistic military-themed shooter, drawing inspiration from the original Delta Force game’s legacy.

The development team, led by producer Shadow Guo, focused on delivering an authentic military experience by employing real-life actors for character development.

The game will also be utilizing photogrammetry for world creation, capturing tactical movements from military professionals, and consulting with former Special Forces personnel​​​​.

Vehicles and technological advancements

A notable feature of Delta Force: Hawk Ops is the inclusion of unique, technologically advanced vehicles for players to utilize, including assault vehicles, helicopters, armored vehicles, attack boats, terrain vehicles, jeeps, pickups, fighter jets, and drones.

These vehicles are designed to enrich the large-scale player-versus-player experience​​.

Release and platforms

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is announced for PlayStation, Xbox, PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), iOS, and Android.

The game was fully revealed at Gamescom 2023, signaling its upcoming launch across multiple platforms​​​​.

It promises to be a groundbreaking entry in the tactical shooter genre, blending the series’ cherished realism and military action with modern gameplay innovations and cross-platform support.

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