Empire of Ants: Everything we know about the game

Empire of Ants is a groundbreaking venture into the microscopic fantasy world. This upcoming title, slated for release in 2024 on consoles and PC, is a strategic odyssey that shrinks the battlefield to the undergrowth of the forest floor, offering players a unique perspective: the life and trials of an ant colony.

A novel foundation

Based on Bernard Werber’s acclaimed science-fiction saga, Empire of Ants aims to bring the intricate and captivating universe of ants to life.

Werber’s novels, known for their deep reflections on human nature and society through the lens of ant civilizations, provide a rich narrative backdrop for this ambitious game.

Players are not just tasked with survival but are invited to ponder the parallels between the ant world and human society​​.


Developed by French studio Tower Five and leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5, Empire of Ants offers a photo-realistic dive into the life of ants.

Players assume the role of an ant savior, tasked with guiding their colony through the perils of the forest.

This involves not only defending the colony from predators but also expanding it by conquering new territories and making alliances with local wildlife​​.

The game stands out for its detailed strategic gameplay, which blends exploration, combat, and alliance-building.

Players must navigate through changing seasons and various times of the day, adapting their strategies to the dynamic environmental conditions.

The narrative is closely tied to the rhythm of the seasons, affecting the gameplay and the attributes of wildlife within the game​​​​.

Visuals and technology

The game pushes the boundaries of visual fidelity in video games, with Unreal Engine 5 enabling stunningly realistic depictions of forest environments.

The game’s attention to detail in representing the flora and fauna of the ant’s world is intended to immerse players fully in the experience, making them feel part of this miniature universe​​.

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Features and mechanics

The game offers a rich blend of features that cater to both newcomers to the real-time strategy genre and seasoned veterans.

With tutorials to ease players into the game’s mechanics, a scalable difficulty level, and the introduction of new game mechanics for advanced players, Empire of Ants ensures a rewarding experience for all.

The third-person perspective enhances the immersion, allowing players to explore their environments and interact with other ants and creatures​​​​.

A unique experience

Empire of Ants is set to offer an unparalleled journey into a world often overlooked.

By focusing on the microcosm of an ant colony, the game provides a fresh perspective on strategy and survival, set against a backdrop of stunning visual realism and deep narrative immersion.

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