Selfloss: Everything we know about the game

Selfloss is an upcoming title that weaves together the mystical threads of Slavic and Icelandic folklore.

The game has been crafted by the visionary minds at Goodwin Games and brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Merge Games and Maximum Entertainment.

Selfloss invites players into a world where magic is real, the stakes are soul-deep, and every encounter is a step closer to personal redemption.

Through its harmonious blend of serene exploration, thoughtful puzzle-solving, and resonant combat, the game aims to present an odyssey through hauntingly beautiful landscapes and the complex terrain of the human spirit.

The world of Selfloss

Set in a post-apocalyptic, whale-worshiping fantasy land, Selfloss introduces players to Kazimir, an old volhv (a Slavic term for a wise man or mage) embarking on an epic journey.

His quest is to find a ritual that can heal his soul wound, a journey that will take him across stunning landscapes both by boat and on foot.

This adventure is not just about exploration but also about helping others overcome their grief, using the magical staff that plays a central role in gameplay and storytelling​​​​.

Gameplay mechanics

At its core, Selfloss is an action-adventure game that combines strategic combat with dynamic exploration.

The magical staff is not just a tool but an extension of Kazimir himself, levitating independently and generating spells to combat the Miasm — a mysterious disease ravaging the world.

Players control Kazimir and his staff simultaneously, providing a unique gameplay experience that involves solving puzzles and engaging in strategic combat​​​​.

Artistic inspiration and emotional depth

The art style of Selfloss draws heavily from post-impressionism, with inspirations from Van Gogh’s paintings.

Alex Goodwin, the solo developer behind the game, aimed to infuse the visuals with a sense of simplicity yet richness, focusing on the emotional impact of the visual objects rather than their details.

This artistic choice complements the game’s narrative and thematic depth, aiming to leave players with a lasting emotional impression​​.

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Unique blend of cultures

Selfloss stands out for its incorporation of Slavic and Icelandic myths, bringing to life a unique world with whale gods and lore-rich environments.

The game’s setting is inspired by the vast landscapes of Iceland, providing players with a breathtaking backdrop to Kazimir’s journey.

Through encounters with various inhabitants, players will experience firsthand the game’s rich lore and the healing power of Kazimir’s rituals​​​​.

The emotional journey

Selfloss is more than an adventure; it’s an emotional journey.

Players enact the ritual of Selfloss, healing the wounds of those who have lost loved ones, all while accompanied by a powerful soundtrack by Arigto.

This emotional journey is further enhanced by the game’s focus on exploration, whether by land or sea, allowing players to immerse themselves fully in the game’s mystical and lore-rich world​​.

Release and availability

While a specific release date is yet to be announced, Selfloss is anticipated to launch on PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The game represents a labor of love by Alex Goodwin, offering a unique experience that blends gameplay, art, and emotion in ways seldom seen in the industry today​​​​.

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