Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting is a single-player hunting game developed and published by Evo Games.

In the game, you will be tasked with hunting down various kinds of animals, both prey and predator alike. The game has a strong focus on stealth and accuracy which may be challenging for newcomers so here are a few tips and tricks for them. 

Don’t make noise 

A good hunter is a silent hunter. While taking down your prey in Animal Hunter you are prone to making noise.

Preys like deer have evolved to have good hearing to avoid predators so if you make noise they will leave you in the dust in no time. 

Always be sure to remain as silent as possible and that means no stray bullets and absolutely no missed shots as that will not only waste a bullet but also scare your prey away. 

Seek vantage points

The levels and environment Animal Hunter will put you through are quite diverse.

One mission may see you in a snowy forest, another will see you in hilly grasslands.

Each area has unique places and vantage points, so make sure to seek them out.

These vantage points will provide a view of most, if not all, of the level, allowing you to plan and strategize better, and in some cases, these places will also keep you protected from other predators such as crocodiles and bears.

But most important out of all these is the fact that it will provide a safe and secure place to hunt down your prey, making the missions considerably easier.

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Let predators do their job

Among prey, you will also have to encounter and, in some cases, hunt down other predators like tigers and bears in Animal Hunter.

In such cases, you are vulnerable to being hunted by the predators yourself, so hunting prey becomes significantly more challenging.

However, the fact that they are predators means that they will also hunt prey, so if you play your cards right and be patient, you can have the predators do the job for you while you sit back and watch it happen.

This will be especially useful in missions where you have to hunt both prey and predators.

Other tips

  • Avoid being seen. 
  • Keep your distance from predators. 

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