Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora ending explained

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is set in a region of the planet that is not explored in the films. It focuses on a Na’vi kidnapped by the RDA and trained to be a weapon for humanity.

The story, which is canonical to the Avatar movie universe, involves the protagonist awakening from cryosleep 15 years later, reuniting with their species, and joining the fight against the Resources Development Administration.

It is a first-person style shooter, shifting to third-person during mount riding, and allows for exploration and customization in Pandora’s open world.

Plot Summary

The game’s narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the looming threat posed by John Mercer, a formidable figure within the RDA. The pain inflicted by Mercer on the central Na’vi characters in their past lives plays a crucial role in the unfolding threat of his current plans.

Throughout the game, players are tasked with infiltrating various RDA strongholds. Mercer is preparing a devastating charge capable of tearing Pandora apart.

However, accessing the well-defended RDA stronghold presents a formidable challenge. The key to infiltrating the base lies in a natural underground passage, the existence of which is revealed through building plans that have come into the possession of the resistance.

One pivotal character in this narrative is Teylan, a young Sarentu Na’vi raised by the RDA, who initially defects back to Mercer out of fear and confusion.

Trusting Teylan becomes essential, and the protagonist has no choice but to proceed with the plan. As they enter the underground passage, they are met with hostile RDA units.

Teylan’s loyalty is called into question, but he ultimately assists the protagonist by disabling the exoskeletal AMP suits. Progressing through the base is challenging, and a face-to-face encounter with Mercer himself occurs behind a pane of glass.

Mercer taunts the protagonist, emphasizing the futility of their efforts. The climax of the game revolves around a gameplay sequence that allows players to disable the charge’s launching mechanism.

However, Mercer reveals that he can still detonate it underground, obtaining the invaluable oil he desires.

This leads to a high-stakes showdown as Mercer deploys a powerful mech unit, setting the stage for a formidable boss battle before escaping the base becomes the ultimate goal.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora ending explained

The protagonist chooses to prioritize two critical actions in the face of impending disaster. First, they decide to raise the charge, preventing Mercer from detonating it and saving Pandora from untold destruction.

Second, they seek to rescue Teylan, whose loyalty has been tested repeatedly throughout the game. This decision sets the stage for the final confrontation with Mercer.

Mercer, wielding a robotic arm, pins the protagonist down and commands Teylan to lower the charge once more. Teylan hesitates, torn between his loyalty to Mercer and his connection with the protagonist.

In a powerful moment, the protagonist begins singing a Na’vi song, which resonates with Teylan. He takes control of the robotic arm and turns the tables, pinning Mercer to the wall.

Explosions rock the sabotaged base as Teylan and the protagonist make their escape in a helicopter.

The final moments see Teylan board the helicopter, while the protagonist leaps from a ledge, saved by their flying Ikran. The screen fades to black, and the narrative transitions to a scene where they land at a cliffside with Na’vi and their resistance allies.

Teylan approaches Ri’neli, another Sarentu Na’vi raised by the RDA, expressing his fear that she may hate him. Ri’neli responds with a reassuring gesture, underlining forgiveness and unity.

The Sarentu clan, having overcome their painful past, affirm their shared future and their ability to shape it together. Alma, a figure from their RDA days, seeks acceptance among them but is refused.

However, Ri’neli extends a gesture of reconciliation, marking the beginning of a hopeful future. The Sarentu clan, accompanied by Alma, looks out over the cliff.

The final shot shows an Ikran soaring into the sky as Teylan places his hand on Ri’neli’s shoulder.


While Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora concludes its central narrative, it leaves the door wide open for the broader story unfolding across the franchise.

Mercer’s ultimate fate is left somewhat ambiguous, as he seemingly perishes off-screen. However, one can never rule out the possibility of a character’s return in some form.

The game also hints at the ongoing struggle against the RDA as a whole, suggesting that the corporation remains a formidable and persistent threat.

As the battle for Pandora’s future continues, it becomes evident that any resolution to this conflict will likely be explored in the upcoming Avatar films and potentially future game expansions.

Ubisoft has already announced a Season Pass for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which promises to include additional expansions. Whether these expansions will continue the story or delve into new aspects of Pandora’s rich lore remains to be seen.

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