Is Elden Ring more than just a gaming experience?

The latest edition of the Soulsborne franchise, Elden Ring has taken the gaming industry by storm. It has been the word of the town amongst the entire gaming community.

It is unanimous amongst all gaming fans that Elden Ring is quite undoubtedly the
number one contender for the game of the year. However, is this gaming masterpiece being overlooked in some regard?

Anyone who has played a game from the Soulsborne franchise is well aware that the game is for those who prefer a challenge and seek to achieve new limits when it comes to testing themselves.

What is rather easily overlooked is that all the games have in-depth lore, that is the story and explanation of events in a game.

Elden Ring does a commendable job at explaining the aim of the game along with the story to any user, be it an experienced gamer or a newcomer. It does this by having well-written dialogues and very well-executed cutscenes.  

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The world of Elden Ring is what really gives it the edge over the previous generation of Soulsborne games. The level of detail in not just the world, but all the aspects from the combat system, spells and incantations, level design, and much more are so elegant and well thought out that several people wonder if it is an adaption from a book.

It, in fact, has caught the eye of one of the most popular fantasy novel writers in the name of Brandon Sanderson. 

He said: “Bandai Namco are interested in working on a project with me, so I  may have to send them my pitch and see what they think.“  

The thought of Elden Ring being adapted into a book gives it so much more exposure to a vast audience, and with an exceptional author such as Sanderson writing it, who knows, it may even be a TV show or movie someday.

This, for certain, shows that Elden Ring is in fact an art as well as a game, because the potential that this game has, goes beyond gaming itself. 

What opinions do you have about the potential of Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below.

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