Clash Guys: Hit the ball tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Clash Guys: Hit the ball is a multiplayer arena game developed by Century Games for Android and iOS.

It plays like tennis where you have to hit the ball back and forth with your enemy, but where it differs is that you have to hit the enemy with the ball to eliminate them.

The gameplay at its core is quite simple, but the intensity of the game can make it challenging for new players.

So here are a few tips and tricks to help them get started in Clash Guys: Hit the ball

Practice your timing

In Clash Guys: Hit the ball there are two ways to strike the ball.

One way is putting your shield up and the other is by hitting the ball, which requires you to press the shield button just before the ball hits you, essentially making it a parry. 

While putting your shield is fine, to get consistent wins you must get parries regularly.

This means you must and should get good at timing the balls correctly.

Not everyone will be good at it right from the get-go, but if you practice enough you will get better.

Use power-ups wisely

While the gameplay is quite simple, in Clash Guys: Hit the ball there are a few things that enhance the gameplay and make it more engaging.

The power-ups allow you to use special abilities to make the game easier.

Every new player’s instinct would be to use them at random whenever they get the chance, however, any experienced player will know that using these power-ups strategically will be of great use. 

For example, the time manipulation power-up should be used when things get intense and you know there’s no way you can parry.

Similarly, the one that increases the size of your bat will be very useful if your opponent is being unpredictable. 

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Never stay still

This may seem obvious to some, but that doesn’t make this any less important.

Staying still is pretty much suicide in Clash Guys: Hit the ball.

Always keep yourself moving to avoid getting hit by enemies’ balls.

Staying still will make it extremely easy for your enemies to hit you, but that said make sure your movements aren’t predictable.

For example, if you keep moving from left to right continuously it won’t take long for the other player to guess the trajectory of your next step and hit the ball in that direction.

So the best way to go about this is to move absolutely at random and sometimes erratically, so it will keep the enemy guessing. 

Other tips

  • Play with friends as team coordination will significantly increase the chances of you winning. 
  • Choose the right bat for you as different bats suit different playstyles. 

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