Death’s Door tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Death’s Door is a top-down metroidvania with souls-like elements developed by Acid Nerve.

Like other games in the genre, Death’s Door also focuses on intense, challenging combat that forces the player to use both melee and ranged abilities and will not be easy for newcomers.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help them.

Use weapons that suit your play style

There are a variety of weapons in Death’s Door, ranging from fast swords to heavy hammers, and each of them has unique movesets that complement different kinds of playstyles.

Someone who likes fast-paced combat may enjoy using double daggers, while someone who prefers to take out their enemies slowly and methodically may prefer hammers.

Use all the weapons you come across and stick with the ones that fit your play style.

Break every object you see

Apart from hitting enemies, you can also hit breakable objects to replenish your ranged ammo in Death’s Door.

Ranged attacks are extremely useful in certain situations, and running out of ammo is the last thing you want to happen.

So, every time you come across an object, make sure to hit it; in the off chance that it is, in fact, breakable, you will gain ranged ammo.

Take out the ranged enemies first

More often than not, you will find yourself getting bombarded with attacks from enemies in Death’s Door.

While the ones close to you usually pose the biggest threat, it’s the ranged enemies that consistently damage you and kill you inevitably.

Always make sure to take out the ranged enemies first, as they not only are a pain when dealing with multiple enemies at once, but their projectiles create more chaos on your screen and may thus confuse or overwhelm you.

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Avoid getting surrounded

Getting surrounded by enemies is the quickest way to meet your maker in Death’s Door.

It’s almost amusing how fast your health bar reduces when you’re being attacked from all sides.

While many players’ first instinct is to begin hacking away at their enemies, the best way to go about things when you’re surrounded is to reduce the number of directions you may get hit from.

So, in other words, you will have to move around a lot, hide behind walls, use choke points, whatever it takes to keep yourself alive.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have nothing to hide behind or use to your advantage, keep moving on the outside of the group of enemies, as it will reduce your chances of being hit.

Additional tips

Memorize the enemy’s attack patterns, as they usually only have a few attacks in their arsenal, which are also almost always avoidable.

Grind some enemies and level up if you ever feel stuck in a particular place.

Level up dexterity for faster attack speeds and ranged ability regeneration.

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