Detective: Ritual of the sea: Everything we know about the game

Detective: Ritual of the Sea is an upcoming entry in the action-adventure cyberpunk detective genre, promising players a deep dive into a world of mystery, investigation, and dark secrets.

Developed by InterStudio and published by Awaken Realms, this game has intrigued potential players with its premise of stepping into the shoes of an experienced detective tasked with unraveling complex criminal cases.

Despite the lack of a specific release date, the anticipation surrounding the game is palpable, fueled by details shared through various gaming platforms.

Game overview

At its core, Detective: Ritual of the Sea offers a thrilling detective experience.

The game’s setting and narrative framework have yet to be fully disclosed.

However, it hints at a rich, story-driven gameplay experience that combines elements of puzzle-solving, strategic planning, and narrative exploration​​.

Gameplay mechanics

In the game, players will step into the role of a detective tasked with unraveling heinous crimes.

They will need to tackle intricate criminal puzzles, piece together crime scenes to find clues, leverage technological tools within the game for evidence examination, uncover motives and the connections between suspects, and employ logical deduction and reasoning to draw conclusions.

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Development and publishing

InterStudio, responsible for the game’s development, is working closely with Awaken Realms, a publisher known for their commitment to delivering quality gaming experiences.

While detailed insights into the development process are sparse, the collaboration between these two entities suggests a focus on creating a captivating and polished game.

The involvement of Awaken Realms, particularly, indicates an ambition to craft a title that stands out in the crowded gaming landscape​​.


Detective: Ritual of the Sea has been announced for PC, with potential releases on other major platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch.

This wide range of platforms ensures that a broad audience will have access to the game, although the exact release dates for these platforms have not been disclosed​​.

However, the game stands as a positive venture into the detective genre, with its promise of deep narrative, complex puzzles, and an immersive gameplay experience.

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