Empyrion – Galactic Survival Dark Faction DLC explained

Empyrion – Galactic Survival has always stood out for its rich, open-world exploration, combining elements of space simulation, survival, and construction into a single, cohesive experience.

The introduction of the Dark Faction DLC marks a significant expansion to this universe, bringing new challenges, environments, and gameplay mechanics that deepen the overall experience.

Overview of Dark Faction

The DLC introduces players to a galaxy-spanning threat that changes the dynamic of Empyrion – Galactic Survival.

It adds a new story scenario, several new features, and a formidable enemy known as the Dark Faction.

It is designed to enhance the survival story from the moment players enter the world, starting on a research ship drifting in orbit over a planet taken by an almost indestructible organism​​.

The Darkfield Effect

A central element of the Dark Faction is the Darkfield, an ominous force that envelops planets, changing their atmosphere, weather, and even the behavior of devices and weapons.

The strength of the Darkfield varies by playfield difficulty, affecting equipment with visual cues like black lightning sparks.

Researching Darkfield Neutralizers can protect devices to a certain extent, with Symelite modifications offering immunity to these effects​​.

The Dark Pillar and corruption

The Dark Pillar, the source of the Darkfield, signifies the Faction’s conquest of a planet.

Destroying it is crucial to deactivate it, either through dungeon navigation or direct assault with ship weapons.

The Faction’s corruption transforms planets, introducing a peculiar overgrowth and an orbit-encompassing fog, affecting both the environment and living beings.

This corruption is based on Symelite, a new material that dramatically impacts organic and inorganic matter​​.

Lifeforms and dynamic evolution

The DLC introduces corrupted lifeforms and Dark Spawn, xenomorphic creatures that evolve into increasingly dangerous variants, from eggs to queens capable of laying new eggs.

Combat strategies against these beings must adapt, with a preference for plasma and laser weapons over traditional firearms​​.

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Building blocks and combat

Players can unleash their creativity with a new set of organic building blocks, allowing for the construction of corrupted capital ships and planetary stations.

Melee combat is introduced alongside new ranged weapons, encouraging close-quarters combat against the Dark Faction’s corruption.

The DLC also adds new devices, including turrets and Dark Field Generators and Nullifiers, to disrupt enemy technology​​​​.

Player arsenal and research

The DLC allows players to research Dark Faction devices and modifications for existing devices, improving resistance against the Darkfield.

This includes the development of Symelite Armor and the use of Siege, Blaster, and Disruptor turrets on large spaceships and bases, matching the performance of the originals from the Dark Faction​​.

Release and reception

Released on February 6, 2024, by Eleon Game Studios, the Dark Faction DLC has garnered mixed reviews.

Despite the innovative additions and expanded gameplay, the reception among players remains divided, reflecting the complexities and challenges of integrating such a significant expansion into the established Empyrion – Galactic Survival universe​​.

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