Final Fantasy 16: All Odin abilities ranked

Final Fantasy 16 has eight Eikons, which provide abilities for players to use on the battlefield. Odin is one such Eikon, a knight whose powers revolve around darkness. There are five abilities in total, and all of them are unique in their own right. Here are all of them ranked from worst to best. 

5) Gungnir

When Gungnir is activated, Clive will summon the titular Gungnir spear and execute a barrage of strikes. Every hit that lands will fill the Zantetsuken gauge.

With an attack rating of 1 and a stagger rating of 2, it might not seem like a good option for offense, and in many ways that’s true. The per-hit damage is quite low, but the number of hits makes up for it. 

While it’s a good ability, it has a major drawback that stops it from being higher on the list, and that is it doesn’t fill the Limit Break bar which would have been extremely useful. 

4) Arm of Darkness

Arm of Darkness will replace Clive’s regular weapons with Odin’s blade, the Zantetsuken, which can be used to execute stylish attacks. It has an attack rating of 4 and a stagger rating of 1. 

While this sounds great on paper, it fails to perform in actuality. The damage this blade deals is significantly lower than Clive’s standard sword, and it doesn’t fill the Limit Break bar either. However, it does improve noticeably when mastered, which costs 5000 ability points. 

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3) Rift Slip

Rift Slip isn’t an attack unlike the rest of the abilities on this list, however, that doesn’t stop it from being a very effective and useful ability while fighting enemies.

It essentially cancels the animation of any move you have initiated before it, while not canceling the move itself. This might not seem like much until you find yourself locked in a rather long animation while your HP is low. 

Furthermore, when this ability is activated, time slows down briefly, allowing you to immediately start your next combo. It can take some practice to begin using it effectively, but when you get there, you will be far more powerful and efficient on the battlefield in the game. 

2) Heaven’s Cloud

Heaven’s Cloud allows you to lunge forward and strike an enemy, which can be chained into many more rapid strikes if each hit before lands.

Similar to Gungnir, this ability also has 1 star in attack and 2 stars in stagger and the per-hit damage isn’t that high. However, the number of strikes and the speed makes up for these shortcomings, and each hit landed fills up the Zantetsuken guage as well. 

The strength of this ability, however, lies in its crowd control. Since you can keep chaining attacks for a while, using this against a large group of enemies will allow you to effectively keep a check on larger groups. 

1) Dancing Steel

Dancing Steel is the best ability in Odin’s arsenal in Final Fantasy 16. When used, Clive will summon a second blade and then unleash a flurry of slashes, devastating everything caught inside this storm. 

The per-hit damage is quite good, making it great to take out groups of enemies or a single tough enemy. This ability fills the Zantetsuken gauge the fastest out of all the Odin abilities, so following up with Arm of Darkness is a good idea. 

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