HARM: Weather Warfare: Everything we know about the game

HARM: Weather Warfare is an intriguing first-person survival game developed and published by Aurora Studio.

Set to release in 2024, the game is geared towards PC and will be available on Steam, including Early Access.

Story and setting

The game’s storyline revolves around a father determined to save himself and his daughter from imminent death.

The narrative unfolds in a harsh environment where they must face frightening anomalies and solve the mystery of extreme weather changes.

The game begins with the protagonist’s cabin burning down, leaving them to battle the unpredictable forces of nature and a brutal cult.

The father and daughter duo are forced to create makeshift shelters, search for food, and face an uneven battle with the elements and unexpected adversaries.

Gameplay mechanics

HARM: Weather Warfare promises a true survival experience against nature, where players need to manage hunger, body temperature, water levels, strength, and mental health.

The game includes essential survival activities such as crafting shelters, hunting wild animals, and fishing.

Players will navigate from various locations like lakes to hospitals, employing attack and block movements for protection against calamities.

The game’s unique feature is the ability to control electromagnetic waves that cause anomalies in the environment, impacting both wildlife and humans.

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Visuals and features

The game is expected to have a rich visual experience, showcasing snowy regions and a range of environments affected by extreme weather.

The game’s Steam page lists tags such as City Builder, Sandbox, Story Rich, Life Sim, Base Building, Action-Adventure, and more, indicating a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

Development and release

HARM: Weather Warfare has been in development for some time, with its announcement bringing much anticipation to the survival game genre.

Although the exact release date in 2024 has not been specified, the game is expected to bring a new dimension to survival simulators, focusing on weather anomalies and their impact on human life.

With its focus also on a compelling father-daughter storyline, HARM: Weather Warfare is shaping up to be a unique addition to the survival genre.

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