Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor is a top-down survival roguelike RPG offering deep character customization and a plethora of abilities for players to mow through hordes of monsters.

Here are a few tips and tricks for beginners to help them get started in the game.

Prioritize agility and defense 

A ton of enemies will be thrown at you in Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor, and the numbers will only increase as you progress through the game.

While offense is vital for winning in the game, defense and agility shouldn’t be ignored.

In fact, one could argue they are more important as they ensure your survivability.

You will need high mobility and defense when the enemies start filling your screen, so make sure to choose abilities that offer more mobility and defense.

Understand the enemies

You will fight against various different enemy types in Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor, ranging from fire demons to ice golems.

Each of the enemies has their own unique patterns and ways of attacking, which requires you to use different strategies to take them out.

Learning the enemies’ patterns is important if you wish to beat the game, as it is the most effective way to deal with them.

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Projectiles are the best form of offense

As mentioned above, there are various different enemies and just as many abilities and weapons for you to deal with in Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor.

You can get by the first half of the game relatively easily with most offensive techniques, but when things get difficult, projectiles are the way to go.

Projectile attacks will allow you to take out multiple enemies at the same time from a safe distance, so make sure to prioritize abilities and weapons that allow you to shoot them.

Additional tips for 

Gems can be obtained through daily rewards and certain quests, and if you don’t plan on spending real money on gems, then make sure to spend them wisely.

Upgrade Divine Aura for enhanced protection. This will keep your hero safe throughout most of the game.

Consider unlocking the Spirit Shaman class as its abilities, like the familiar, will be of great help throughout the game.

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