HITMAN World of Assassination – The Undying explained

IO Interactive’s HITMAN series is set to continue the World of Assassination saga in 2024, with the beginning with the much-anticipated Season of Undying.

This new season promises to captivate players with an array of fresh content, engaging challenges, and the highly requested return of The Undying, featuring the esteemed actor Sean Bean.

Let’s navigate through the exciting updates and additions coming your way.

The return of the Undying

The HITMAN World of Assassination‘s Season of Undying revives the elusive target Mark Faba, portrayed by Sean Bean, known for his miraculous ability to cheat death.

Tasked with putting an end to his immortality, players will delve into The Oroborous, a three-level Arcade contract that is now accessible to all players for the first time, free of charge.

This challenging mode will test your assassination skills to the limit, with the stipulation that failure sends you back to square one, locking the contract for a cooling period of 12 hours before another attempt can be made.

This unique approach provides a fresh twist on the original Elusive Target concept, previously only available to World of Assassination owners.

The Undying Elusive Target will be available for almost 4 weeks from March 22, 2024. 

The Undying pack

Accompanying the return of The Undying is the release of a new cosmetic DLC pack across all platforms, The Undying Pack.

This collection enhances your gameplay with a range of items inspired by the iconic mission, including:

  • The Ephemeral Suit with Eye Patch
  • Kronstadt Mini Flash Robo XOI-2900
  • Kronstadt IOI-1998X Surround Earphones
  • Kronstadt Explosive Pen (Gen 2)
  • A set of cosmetics for the Freelancer Safehouse

These additions not only add to the visual appeal but also provide new strategies and methods to execute your missions with flair.

Twitch drop: Purple Streak Duck

In tandem with the season’s launch, players can acquire the novel Purple Streak Duck through a new Twitch Drop on March 22, 2024.

By linking your IOI account with Twitch and watching a cumulative hour of HITMAN World of Assassination gameplay on the platform, this unique item becomes yours.

It’s a fun way to engage the community and reward viewership, strengthening the bond between players and streamers.

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New challenges

HITMAN World of Assassination‘s Season of Undying introduces exciting new challenges inspired by community suggestions.

  • Oocyanin Hunt (March 29): During the Berlin Egg Hunt, Pacify a target with the Blue Egg.
  • Forged in Fire (April 30): In Ambrose Island, light all four braziers while disguised as a metal worker to unlock the Burial Dagger.
  • The Great Thief (April 30): In The Golden Handshake mission, eliminate Athena Savalas with the Golden Sawed-Off Bartoli 12G. 

These challenges not only offer a refreshing way to engage with the game but also reward players with unique items like the Burial Dagger and the Golden Sawed-Off Bartoli 12G, encouraging diverse playstyles and strategies.

Returning event: The Berlin Egg Hunt

The Berlin Egg Hunt event makes a triumphant return on March 29, 2024, giving new and veteran players alike the chance to dive into this festive mission.

It’s an opportunity to explore unique gameplay dynamics and secure exclusive rewards, enhancing the overall HITMAN experience.

Curated contracts and elusive targets

Rounding out the season are five returning Elusive Targets and three rounds of Curated Contracts.

These missions, designed with input from the player community, promise to deliver challenging and varied assassination scenarios, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

The Season of Undying in HITMAN World of Assassination is shaping up to be an exciting chapter in the World of Assassination series.

With the return of The Undying, new challenges, engaging Twitch Drops, and player-curated content, IO Interactive continues to innovate and provide a dynamic gaming experience.

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