How to get copper and metal in Raft

Metal and copper in Raft are advanced resources that are required to craft complex structures in the game.

Players in Raft must get by with the little goods that are accessible to them at sea. They will begin their voyage by carefully fishing out raft components like planks and plastic with a hook and a little raft.

However, as the game progresses, it is critical for players to understand how to obtain Metal and Copper in Raft if they want to improve the technologies on their raft.

How to get a smelter in Raft

Before players can think about obtaining metal and copper ingots, they have to first build a smelter.

In Raft, they must first do research on a Smelter using the Research Table. To learn it, players need to enter a Plank, Dry Brick, Scrap, and Nail. While Scrap may be discovered underwater, Plank in a Raft is simple to locate all over the earth. Then, three Nails can be created from two Scraps.

How to find metal

Metal can be found underwater in Raft, along the walls and rocks of an island. Metal Ores are frequently discovered next to one another. Players must carry a hook to collect them since they have a silver-blue tint that is visible throughout the day.

Players must smelt the Metal Ores they acquire in Raft in order to convert them into Metal Ingots.

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How to get copper

Copper can also be discovered underwater, along an island’s walls, similar to metal ores. However, copper has a brownish-red colour, unlike the greenish metal ore.

Copper is required to make some of the most important components in the game. These are the hinge, bolt, battery and circuit board.

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