Last Sentinel: Everything we know about the game

Last Sentinel is an upcoming triple-A open-world cyberpunk action game developed by LightSpeed LA.

The game, announced at The Game Awards 2023 is garnering attention for its promising features and the pedigree of its development team.

Here’s everything we know about the game so far.

Concept and setting

Last Sentinel is set in a futuristic version of Tokyo, Japan, and aims to deliver a unique experience combining elements of dystopian science fiction with an open-world structure.

The game has been compared to titles like Deus Ex and Cyberpunk 2077, suggesting a blend of immersive narrative and rich gameplay within a cyberpunk setting​​.

Story and characters

The narrative of Last Sentinel is still largely under wraps, but what is known points towards a story centered around the game’s protagonist, Hiromi Shoda.

The game is expected to weave a tale that delves deep into the written, graphic, and theatrical history of dystopian science fiction.

While specific details of the plot are scarce, the setting in a drone-powered sci-fi dystopia hints at a story with weighty themes and possibly a focus on the struggle against oppressive forces​​​​.


Details regarding the gameplay of Last Sentinel are limited at this stage.

However, as an open-world AAA title, it is expected to feature expansive exploration and interaction within the reconstructed Tokyo.

The game’s cyberpunk theme suggests the possibility of incorporating futuristic technology and mechanics into its gameplay design​​.

Development team

The development of Last Sentinel is led by LightSpeed LA, a studio under LightSpeed Studios, with significant backing from Tencent.

The studio is spearheaded by Steve Martin, a veteran in the gaming industry with extensive experience at major studios like Rockstar Games and Electronic Arts.

This background hints at a high production value and a deep understanding of creating engaging open-world experiences​​​​.

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Release and platforms

No specific release date has been announced for Last Sentinel.

The game’s development has been active for at least two years, indicating significant progress, but a launch window is yet to be confirmed.

As for platforms, there is no explicit information available, but given the scale and ambition of the project, it’s likely to target major gaming devices.


Last Sentinel has generated significant interest among gamers, particularly due to its cyberpunk setting and the pedigree of its development team.

The game’s announcement has set high expectations for an engaging narrative and innovative gameplay within the well-loved cyberpunk genre.

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