Level Zero: Extraction: Everything we know about the game

Level Zero: Extraction is a forthcoming title that promises to redefine the boundaries of the multiplayer horror and extraction shooter genres.

Developed by DogHowl Games and published by tinyBuild, this game is set for an early access release in 2024, with a closed beta phase beginning on March​​​​ 15.

A new take on sci-fi horror

Set in the year 2058, the narrative of Level Zero: Extraction unfolds with a group of researchers from the “New Horizons” Corporation embarking on a space expedition to explore the unknown corners of the Universe.

Their journey leads them to the planet Turion, setting the stage for catastrophic events that none could have anticipated​​.

Gameplay mechanics

Level Zero: Extraction distinguishes itself with an innovative approach to the multiplayer horror genre.

Players are divided into two primary roles: human scientists or alien monsters, each with distinct objectives and abilities.

The game mechanics offer a unique blend of PvPvE dynamics, where teams of up to three mercenaries compete for valuable loot while evading or confronting two player-controlled deadly alien monsters lurking in the shadows​​​​.

Survival and strategy

As a human, players must navigate the treacherous environment of an alien-infested research facility, repairing power systems and collecting vital tools for survival.

The game emphasizes strategic use of light sources to fend off alien threats, with a vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets at the players’ disposal, ranging from rifles and flamethrowers to motion sensors and grenades​​​​.

The alien experience

Playing as an alien introduces a different set of strategies and objectives.

Aliens are tasked with sabotaging human extractions and eliminating all human players before they can escape.

These monstrous entities possess unique abilities such as acid spit, EMP screams, and the capability to lay traps, making them formidable opponents in the dark corridors of the research facility​​​​.

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Gameplay evolution

The game promises a deep progression system, allowing players to unlock dozens of new perks, items, and weapon attachments, further customizing their gameplay experience.

The alien’s abilities can also be upgraded by collecting eggs scattered throughout the map, enhancing their threat as the match progresses​​.

A glimpse into the future

With its early access launch on the horizon, Level Zero: Extraction is poised to offer players an immersive and terrifying sci-fi horror experience unlike any other.

The game’s unique mechanics, coupled with its atmospheric setting and asymmetrical gameplay, are set to make it a standout title in the horror-extraction genre​​.

As the development progresses and more details emerge, especially from the upcoming closed beta, players and enthusiasts alike eagerly await the opportunity to dive into the dark, alien-infested world of Level Zero: Extraction.

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