Phantom Blade Zero: Everything we know about the game

Phantom Blade Zero is an upcoming hack-and-slash RPG developed by S-Game, set to bring a fresh take to the genre with its unique “Kungfupunk” art direction.

This game marks a significant leap from the studio’s earlier work, transitioning from RPG Maker projects to a full-fledged semi-open world RPG, harnessing the power of the PlayStation 5.

Story and Setting

The game immerses players in the realm of Phantom World, a unique blend of Chinese kung fu, steampunk, occultism, and other intriguing elements.

Players will step into the shoes of an elite assassin known as Soul, who is framed for the murder of a patriarch from a powerful organization called “The Order”.

Soul is left with just 66 days to clear his name and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy that led to his downfall.


Phantom Blade Zero offers a combat style inspired by the sleek, breathtaking moves found in 1990s Kung fu movies.

The game developers have integrated a system that simplifies combat maneuvers, making elaborate chains of moves accessible with minimal button-mashing.

This system, adapted from the developers’ experience in mobile gaming, is also well-suited for controller gameplay.

The game unfolds in a semi-open world, featuring multiple large maps filled with diverse activities.

This design choice aims to provide rich, handcrafted experiences in each area rather than a vast open world with repetitive elements.

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Development Background

The journey of Phantom Blade Zero began with Rainblood: Town of Death, an indie game created by Soulframe Liang, the founder of S-Game, in 2010.

This project served as an escape from the challenges Liang faced while studying architecture.

Over time, the Rainblood series evolved into the Phantom Blade franchise, leading to the development of Phantom Blade Zero as a new PlayStation 5 game.

This evolution represents a significant milestone for S-Game, allowing the studio to present its vision to a global audience.

Trailer and expectations

The announcement trailer for Phantom Blade Zero showcases the game’s dark and stylish visuals, along with its action-packed gameplay.

While the exact release date is not yet confirmed, the game is slated to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, indicating that it won’t be available on Xbox, Switch, or previous-generation consoles.

Phantom Blade Zero stands out with its blend of cultural influences, innovative combat system, and ambitious world-building.

It’s a title that hack-and-slash and RPG fans should keep an eye on as more details emerge​

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