Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown summary and ending explained

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown marks Ubisoft’s return to the acclaimed Prince of Persia series, a franchise known for its intricate storytelling and captivating gameplay.

This game, the first major entry since 2010’s Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, introduces a fresh narrative with new characters, set in a richly detailed world.

Here, we delve into the game’s narrative, exploring its complex plot and dissecting its open-ended conclusion.

Plot summary

The game unfolds in a Persian Empire plagued by prolonged drought, famine, and political unrest, exacerbated by the threat of the Kushan Empire.

The narrative centers on Sargon, a young warrior of the formidable Immortal clan, who embarks on a perilous quest in the cursed city of Mount Qaf.

His mission is to rescue the kidnapped Prince Ghassan, a task that spirals into an epic adventure entwined with betrayal, time anomalies, and divine interventions.

Sargon’s story begins with a valiant defense against the Kushan invasion, where he plays a pivotal role in repelling the enemy forces.

However, the victory is short-lived as Prince Ghassan is abducted during the celebrations by General Anahita, Sargon’s mentor.

This act sets the stage for his journey to Mount Qaf, a once-great center of learning now shrouded in curses.

Upon entering the Citadel at Mount Qaf, Sargon and the Immortals confront a time anomaly that splits them up.

Sargon battles undead soldiers and otherworldly creatures while gathering clues about Anahita’s motives and the larger conspiracy at play.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Vahram, the leader of the Immortals, murders Prince Ghassan, unveiling his ambition to usurp the throne.

Sargon’s attempt to stop him fails, leading to a series of events where he’s branded a traitor.

The warrior eventually encounters Alkara, an enigmatic figure who guides him to make a pact with Azhdaha, a malevolent snake deity.

This alliance sets him on a quest to gain the favor of four Celestial Guardians, granting him the power to reverse time and alter fate.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown ending explained in detail:

The final confrontation

After securing the Guardians’ favor, Sargon travels back in time, thwarting the Prince’s murder.

In a tragic twist, Anahita sacrifices herself to protect Sargon.

This act unravels further truths about the royal lineage, revealing Vahram as the legitimate heir, wronged by Queen Thomyris’s deceit.

The narrative peaks when Vahram merges with the Heart of the Simurgh, attaining god-like powers.

Sargon, guided by the Simurgh’s spirit, confronts and eventually defeats his enemy.

The battle concludes with Vahram’s redemption and sacrifice, restoring balance and the Simurgh’s powers.

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Resolution and aftermath

The game’s denouement sees Sargon and Ghassan returning to Persepolis.

The latter abdicates his position, disillusioned by his mother’s treachery.

Sargon confronts Queen Thomyris with the truth about King Darius’s murder, leaving her legacy in tatters.

In the final scenes, he reflects on his journey beside a pool, joined briefly by a bird symbolizing Alkara, hinting at a greater cosmic interplay.

He leaves Persepolis, with the game subtly suggesting his journey is far from over.

The door left open

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown concludes with Sargon embarking on a new, undefined path.

While the ending does not explicitly set up a sequel, it leaves ample room for the story to continue.

This open-ended conclusion serves both as a satisfying resolution to Sargon’s arc and a potential bridge to future adventures in the Prince of Persia universe.

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