Seven Knights Idle Adventure Tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is an idle RPG developed and published by Netmarble, the company behind Seven Knights 2.

The game has a lot in common with other RPGs, but its stand-out features are its vast array of characters and strategic combat. Here are a few tips and tricks to help newcomers get started.

Have a balanced team

If you have played other team-based RPGs, you may know this already, but having a well-balanced team is crucial for winning battles in Seven Knights Idle Adventure.

To have at least one healer, damage dealer, and tank is the way to go when it comes to forming teams, but in harder stages, you may want to have more healers and damage dealers.

Having a team fully or majorly composed of the same class is not a good idea, as you will need the abilities of all three roles to succeed.

Spend your dungeon keys every day

Seven Knights Idle Adventure gives you a certain number of dungeon keys every day that you can use to enter specific dungeons.

These dungeons give you a lot of great rewards that will help you advance in the game and get stronger.

We especially recommend doing the Hero XP dungeons, as they give vast amounts of Hero XP and help you level up your heroes.

Also, you can get more dungeon keys by watching ads, so if that interests you, make sure to do so.

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Prioritize Guide quests

Guide quests are what you’ll be doing most of the time in Seven Knights Idle Adventure.

That said, do not take them lightly because of their prominence in the game, as some of them give very useful rewards such as dungeons, pets, relics, etc.

However, most importantly, you can unlock more formation slots by completing certain Guide quests.

Formation slots are required to deploy more heroes, so the more formation slots you unlock, the higher the chances of you winning become, as you will be able to deploy more heroes.

Other tips

  • Save your general goods chests as some quests require you to use a certain number of them. 
  • Link you Google account as this will allow you to continue playing from any device and will also give you 5,000 Rubies. 

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