Space Marine Defense tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Space Marine Defense is a roguelike tower defense game that positions you as a space marine tasked with repelling hordes of enemies using a variety of weapons and abilities.

As you accumulate experience points (XP), you have the opportunity to level up and acquire new weapons or weapon cores.

Despite its relatively simple gameplay loop compared to other tower defense games, the roguelike elements imbue it with an addictive quality that can engage players for hours on end.

Below are several tips and strategies to assist newcomers in navigating Space Marine Defense.

Use the highest rarity weapon

The game features an array of weapons, each available in different rarities.

While selecting accessories and armor might be straightforward, choosing the right weapon can be more challenging due to the diverse functionalities and personal playstyle preferences.

Although selecting a weapon that suits your playstyle is advisable, it is crucial to prioritize weapons of the highest rarity available to you.

Weapons of higher rarity significantly outperform those of lower rarity in terms of damage output.

Therefore, always opt for the weapon with the highest rarity before considering one that aligns more closely with your personal preferences.

Summon equipment

Various methods exist for acquiring equipment in Space Marine Defense, such as completing levels or utilizing the auto-explore feature.

Nonetheless, summoning is the most effective strategy for obtaining new equipment.

Summoning operates similarly to the loot box mechanics found in many video games, requiring players to spend a special currency to unlock boxes containing equipment.

In this case, the currency is crystals, with the option to summon 11 pieces of equipment for 500 crystals.

This approach not only enhances the likelihood of acquiring rarer equipment but also increases your Equipment Summon Level with each use, further boosting the chances of obtaining rare equipment.

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Upgrade all the equipment you have

Upgrading equipment might seem like a fundamental strategy, yet it is essential to upgrade every piece of equipment in your possession.

Each piece of equipment boasts a “current effect” that essentially serves as a passive ability.

These effects remain active even when the equipment is not in use.

Upgrading equipment amplifies these current effects, thereby providing you with more substantial buffs.

Consequently, it is imperative to upgrade all pieces of equipment to maximize your advantages in Space Marine Defense.

Implementing these strategies can significantly enhance your gameplay experience in Space Marine Defense, providing you with the tools needed to effectively combat the myriad of challenges that await.

Other tips

  • Only pick weapon cores that match your weapon. If there are none, reroll for new cores by watching ads. 
  • Use your skills wisely as they only stay active in some areas and have cooldown timers. 

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