Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League summary and ending explained

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the next game in the Batman: Arkham series, developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Games.

Players take control of Deadshot, Boomerang, Harley Quinn, and King Shark as they attempt to lock horns with brainwashed and evil members of the Justice League.

Plot summary

The game sets the stage with the release of Deadshot, Boomerang, Harley Quinn, and King Shark from Arkham Asylum by Amanda Waller, who coerces them into joining Task Force X.

Their mission: to tackle the unprecedented threat of Brainiac’s invasion of Metropolis.

The narrative kicks into gear when the Squad faces their first major challenge against a brainwashed Green Lantern at the Hall of Justice, setting the tone for the battles to come.

The heart of the game lies in the Suicide Squad’s encounters with the Justice League, now under Brainiac’s control.

As the plot progresses, The Flash attempts to rescue the Squad, only to be gravely wounded and captured by a brainwashed Batman.

They attempt to capture Lex Luthor, only for him to be killed by the now evil Flash.

However, Wonder Woman remains free from Brainiac’s control, offering a fleeting hope of resistance against the overwhelming odds.

The Squad learns of Brainiac’s ambition to transform Earth into a new Colu.

Tasked by Waller with a kill order on the Justice League, the team embarks on a gritty journey through Metropolis, recruiting villains like Hack, Gizmo, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Toyman along the way.

Utilizing anti-Speed Force technology from Toyman, the Squad battles against The Flash and manages to kill him.

They are confronted by Green Lantern, forcing them to retreat through one of Brainiac’s portals.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League ending explained in detail:

Luthor’s revelations

Transported to Earth-2 by a different Lex Luthor, the Squad witnesses the devastation caused by Brainiac, hinting at a similar future for their own world.

Luther-2 explains that he had been working with the Lex Luthor of Earth-1 to prepare for Brainiac’s invasion.

He manages to return himself and the Suicide Squad to their original Earth and cautions them that Waller’s actions could lead to their doom, similar to how her counterpart did on his Earth.

They infiltrate a secret vault owned by Bruce Wayne, discovering Wonder Woman as she crafts a Kryptonite shield.

After she departs, Luthor-2 takes the Yellow Lantern batteries Batman was safeguarding for emergencies involving Green Lantern.

Securing these batteries is a pivotal moment, gearing up the Squad for upcoming confrontations with Batman and Superman.

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The death of heroes

In a tragic turn of events, the Squad uses the batteries to eliminate Green Lantern, briefly disabling the barrier around Brainiac’s Skull Ship.

Waller’s plan to launch a nuclear attack on Brainiac, despite the risk to the Suicide Squad, is foiled by a mind-controlled Superman.

A battle erupts between Wonder Woman and Superman as the Squad tries to escort Waller to safety.

Wonder Woman injures Superman with Kryptonite, but he survives and kills her before fleeing.

Luthor-2 speculates that Brainiac altered Superman’s DNA to increase his Kryptonite resistance, and suggests capturing Batman to develop a countermeasure.

After trapping Batman in one of his safe houses, they deliver him to Luthor, who creates Gold Kryptonite to defeat Superman.

With Batman no longer needed, Harley kills him to bait Superman, enabling the Squad to eliminate him with Gold Kryptonite weaponry.

Confrontation with Brainiac

The narrative climaxes with Brainiac capturing the Squad, intending to brainwash them.

They’re saved by Luthor from the alternate Earth, who reveals the existence of thirteen Brainiacs across the multiverse aiming to conquer it.

Waller and Luthor collaborate to send the Squad to confront Brainiac directly. After an intense fight, they capture and kill Brainiac, preventing his invasion of Earth-1.

The path forward

The conclusion of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League marks both an end and a beginning.

With Brainiac defeated and the immediate threat over, the discovery of multiple Brainiacs introduces new challenges for the group.

Moreover, the possibility that the Justice League might be revived due to Brainiac’s genetic tampering adds hope and potential for future redemption, extending beyond the story’s scope.

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