The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered: Lost levels explained

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered has brought new excitement to fans of the acclaimed Naughty Dog game.

This remastered version, made for the PlayStation 5, includes not just visual enhancements but also introduces intriguing new features like the Lost Levels.

These levels offer a unique glimpse into the early development stages of the game, showcasing areas that were ultimately removed from the final release.

Accessing the Lost Levels

The Lost Levels in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered are easily accessible and do not require players to complete the main game first.

To access them, players simply need to go to the main menu of the game and look for the “Making Of” section.

Here, they will find the Lost Levels listed, ready for exploration.

This section includes three distinct levels: Jackson Dance, Seattle Sewers, and The Hunt.

Each of these levels presents an unfinished state of the game, giving players a unique insight into the game’s development process​​.

The unveiled levels

Jackson Dance

This level in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered depicts Ellie at a social gathering in Jackson.

The event occurs immediately following her initial confrontation with Abby at the Seattle theater and just prior to the dance sequence with Dina.

The party is understated yet filled with instances that reflect the more somber aspects of Ellie’s path.

This environment offers an alternative viewpoint on Ellie’s persona and her engagement with the universe of the game.

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Seattle Sewers

This omitted The Last of Us Part 2 level would have seen gamers guide Ellie through Seattle’s underground sewers, presenting a unique environmental hurdle and exploration experience.

The timeline places this just before Ellie’s confrontation with Nora at the hospital.

Within these subterranean passages, insights are gained into Naughty Dog’s strategies for level design and the creation of environmental puzzles.

Initially, this segment was envisioned to include various aquatic puzzles, challenging Ellie against a powerful water current.

Though these puzzles were eventually omitted, the water technology created for them was reused in a subsequent chapter of the game.

The Hunt

This level features Ellie following a blood trail to a deserted general store, suggesting a tense and potentially action-filled sequence.

The game utilizes blood marks on the ground and walls to ensure Ellie consistently tracks her target that turns out wild boar, leading to a climactic confrontation.

While this level didn’t make it into the final version of The Last of Us Part 2, the boar does appear, with a nod to this scene included in Ellie’s journal.

This part was designed to confuse the player, echoing the deer hunting scene from the first game, where we initially control Ellie during the winter segment.

The Lost Levels in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered offer fans a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the game’s creation.

It’s important to note that these stages are presented in their pre-alpha state.

This means they are unfinished and may contain various bugs or glitches.

However, this raw state provides an intriguing look at the game’s development and the creative process at Naughty Dog.

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