The Naga are all set to arrive in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

The first-ever Hearthstone Battlegrounds season called Rise of the Naga is set to release underway on May 10 with a reset of player ratings, a new hero, and an all-new minion type.

The Naga are a magic-focused race that cast spells and become more powerful when spells are played around them.

The new Naga minions will be able to take advantage of a new keyword called Spellcraft, which grants a spell each turn that can provide a temporary buff to the players’ minions.

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Spellcraft spells leave the players’ hands at the conclusion of each round, but if the hand is full, they will be destroyed or postponed until an empty slot becomes available.

The newest hero to join Hearthstone Battlegrounds will be Queen Azshara. The Highborne Queen and her people were cursed to be vengeful Naga for the rest of their lives. Wave after wave of Naga will be at the disposal of the player as the player assumes control of Naga Queen Azshara. 

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