Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile announced by Ubisoft

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, the popular first-person online tactical shooter game, has been announced to be released on Android and iOS.

Ubisoft, the developers of the game, released the official announcement trailer on the 6th of April. Rainbow Six Mobile aims to recapture the success it achieved on consoles and PC.

As the game was recently announced, details are still unclear, however, it is expected to hold true to its attackers versus defenders theme, all be it in a shorter format.

“While the core gameplay, characters, and maps may share similarities with Siege, we’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up with mobile usability in mind,” said the developers, stating that the game will also feature a new control mechanic more suitable for a mobile platform.

The main format of the game will feature attackers vs defenders, each team having 5 members, and a vast selection of operators that enable players to strategize and come up with different tactics in order to win.

The game emphasizes teamwork and will require teams to use the destructible elements on the map to launch surprise attacks or counterattacks.

Fans eagerly await the release of the game, but the official release is expected to be only in 2023. On the plus side, fans can register to be part of the alpha test allowing them to get early access to the game.

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