Top 10 weapons of Fortnite season 3 chapter 2

Fortnite’s newest chapter introduces several new features such as agility uprising, which allows the player to move at faster speeds, and even allows the player to grab onto ledges and hoist themselves up.

The un-vaulting of several classic weapons and the addition of two new weapons has caught the attention of players as it allows them to revert to old playstyles or create a new one altogether.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 weapons in the current chapter of Fortnite.

10. Revolver 

The revolver is a great close-range weapon that deals a good amount of damage, and it has a very quick reload time. The only downside is that it has a slow rate of fire that leaves the player exposed between shots.

9. Ranger assault rifle

The ranger assault rifle works best for targets at a mid-range distance. The main selling point here is the high rate of fire, but the damage dealt is quite average compared to the other rifles on this list.  

8. Auto shotgun 

It might come as a surprise that the auto shotgun ranks so down the order, but the reason is quite simple. It deals a good amount of damage, however, the very slow reload time will leave you losing out in several key battles.

7. Sidearm pistol

The sidearm pistol is a reliable close-range weapon dealing good amounts of damage, having quick reload times, and large mag size. The only setback is the slow rate of fire, however, it is significantly better than the revolver. 

6. Striker burst rifle

The burst rifle comes equipped with the well-loved red dot sight, helping players aim at targets much more accurately than other rifles. The recoil is the only thing that might cause an issue during combat. 

5. Hunter bolt-action sniper rifle

At the moment, it is the best sniper rifle in Fornite. It isn’t nearly as good as the automatic sniper, which is now vaulted, but, it can still one-shot an enemy if you can get in a clean headshot. 

4. Drum shotgun 

Probably the best shotgun in season 3 and it is quite easy to see why. The drum shotgun deals an enormous amount of damage, has a good mag size, and has a significantly faster reload time compared to the auto shotgun. 

3. Stinger SMG

Having an SMG is essential if you are chasing a victory. The stinger SMG has a slightly higher reload time than the combat SMG, but it compensates by having a lower recoil. 

2. Combat SMG

Both the stinger and combat SMGs deal heavy damage to enemies and it is quite hard to choose between the two.

The combat SMG has quicker reloading times and a more aggressive recoil as compared to the stinger. It’s down to the player’s preference in choosing which is the better of the two SMGs. 

1. Thermal scoped assault rifle

If you want the perfect balance between good range, heavy damage dealing, quick reload times, gentle recoils, and great accuracy then look no further than the thermal scoped assault rifle.

The thermal scope assists players to find hidden enemies and the rifle checkmarks all the key attributes of a great weapon, making it the best weapon of season 3 chapter 2.

Which is your favourite weapon in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.

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