Souls-like game ‘Bleak Faith: Forsaken’ gets release date

Archangel Studios has announced the release date for Bleak Faith: Forsaken. The company, which is made up of three developers, described the project as a third-person open-world survival horror action RPG set in a universe the players never experienced before. The game will release on March 10, 2023.

The studio uploaded a trailer showing off Bleak Faith: Forsaken’s dark and futuristic levels, and fleshy and mechanical enemies. The game will be released on PC, but Archangel Studios have announced their plans for releasing it on console, provided they receive the funding for it. 

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The company raised $31,199 on Kickstarter for the game. While it’s significantly lesser than their $50,000 goal, they still managed to create a final product.

Ever since then, they have regularly uploaded videos on the official YouTube channel of the game, showcasing everything from gameplay features and world design to combat improvements and anime references. 

Check out the release trailer:

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