Botworld Adventure tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Botworld Adventure is an open-world RPG developed by Featherweight for Android and iOS.

The game allows you to explore a vast wilderness rich with enemies and loot to fight and gather, collect and upgrade various kinds of bots.

It has intricate mechanics that may not be obvious for new players so here are a few tips and tricks to help them get started. 

Upgrade bots equally

You will be using different kinds of bots in Botworld Adventure and you might think that upgrading a strong bot as much as you can will help make things easier.

While there’s nothing wrong with having this line of logic as it works in most games, this one works differently. 

In Botworld Adventure, the difficulty will scale based on the average of the six best bots you have in your arsenal.

So while the bot you have upgraded to the fullest will certainly get by easily, all your other bots will struggle to survive.

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Don’t hesitate to Jetpack Home

During certain encounters, things can get intense and you will be on the brink of defeat.

In such times it is better to retreat and call it a day than to fight till your last breath like a hero. 

When faced with such situations, simply use the Jetpack Home feature to teleport back to your and avoid pointless death. 

Use turrets and landmines

In Botworld Adventure you have access to things like landmines and turrets to help you take out enemies.

In fact, they can be more deadly than your bots themselves in the right circumstances. 

Before getting into a proper battle with the enemy, you can lure them into a landmine or make use of a turret to take out large chunks of their health and sometimes even kill them completely.

Other tips

Early on in the game, it is better to prioritize fighting wild bots instead of enemies like bandits as they are relatively easier and yield the same rewards. 

Contracts are a great way to earn good rewards and loot easily. 

When roaming the wilderness, make sure to explore every nook and cranny as you will yield the most loot.

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