Dungeonborne: Everything we know about the game

Dungeonborne is an upcoming first-person action role-playing game that offers a unique blend of PvPvE (Player vs. Player vs. Environment) gameplay.

Developed and published by Mithril Interactive, the game is set to deliver an immersive dungeon-crawling experience powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Game overview

Dungeonborne is designed as a first-person dungeon crawler where players can either venture alone or join forces with up to two companions.

The game is set in a dark fantasy world, primarily within the treacherous corridors of Clouseau Castle and the multi-floored Sinner’s End.

Players are tasked with hunting for treasure, exploring ominous dungeons, and battling both monstrous creatures and other players​​​​.

Survival and exploration

Players must survive and navigate through dangerous environments, discovering hoards of artifacts and confronting guardians.

The key is to gather loot and escape the dungeon without falling victim to the lurking dangers.

Character roles and combat

Players can choose from various roles like Fighter, Priest, Rogue, Swordmaster, Pyromancer, Cryomancer, and Death Knight.

The combat system in Dungeonborne features ten unique weapon pairings allowing for a diverse range of fighting techniques.

The combat involves parrying, blocking, and riposting, where skill plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of battles​​​​.

Buildcrafting and trading

The game includes a feature for crafting and enhancing gear, along with an auction house for trading items.

Players can find equipment with random affixes and corruptions, socket gems to enhance gear, and collect legendary items to craft their ultimate builds.

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Multiplayer arena

Dungeonborne also offers a competitive 3v3 Arena where players can engage in battles without the risk of losing their equipment.

This feature provides an additional layer of competitive gameplay separate from the dungeon crawling aspect.

Unique gameplay aspects

Dungeonborne integrates elements from games like Escape From Tarkov and Call of Duty DMZ, combining them with a fantasy setting reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons or The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

It offers a blend of high-tension extraction gameplay, where players must decide the right moment to escape the dungeon with their loot.

The game also features unique elements such as mimic chests, which players can transform into for ambushes, and the use of environmental tactics like high-ground attacks and traps​​​​.

Development and release

Developed using Unreal Engine 5, Dungeonborne is expected to deliver a next-gen immersive experience with highly tactical combat and character customization.

An open alpha test of the game was scheduled as part of Steam Next Fest, giving players an early look at its gameplay and features.

The exact release date for the full game has not been confirmed as of the latest information available​​​​. However, a demo will be released on February 2, 2024.

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