Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake: Everything we know about the game

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is a highly anticipated reimagining of the award-winning 2013 indie game originally developed by Starbreeze Studios.

The remake is being handled by Italy-based developer Avantgarden, previously known as Ovosonico, and published by 505 Games.

It is set to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 28, 2024. It received a trailer at the 2023 Game Awards.

Story and setting

The story of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an emotional journey that follows two brothers, Naia and Naiee.

They embark on a quest to find a cure for their dying father, known as the “Water of Life.”

The game is set in a rich, fairy tale world filled with discovery, loss, adventure, and mystery.

The remake promises to stay true to the original script, preserving the heart-rending journey of the brothers while presenting it with updated graphics and performance.


The gameplay in the remake is expected to follow the unique twin-stick control style of the original, where players control both brothers simultaneously — one with each half of the controller.

This innovative approach to gameplay adds a unique dimension to the puzzles, environmental challenges, and occasional boss battles that the players encounter.

Graphics and performance

The remake will feature enhanced environmental puzzles and platforming elements, leveraging the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.

Character models, landscapes, and key scenes are being rebuilt from the ground up to deliver a more immersive storytelling experience.

The graphics are expected to be more detailed and lifelike, akin to something from a Pixar movie, providing a fresh visual perspective on the original game’s design.

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Additional features

An exciting addition to the remake is the local co-op mode.

While the original game was a single-player experience, the remake will allow two players to control each brother, adding a new layer of cooperative gameplay.

This feature is somewhat reminiscent of Josef Fares’ later project, It Takes Two.

Critical acclaim

The original game was highly celebrated for its innovative gameplay and emotional storytelling, winning several awards.

These included a BAFTA for Game Innovation and the Downloadable Game of the Year from the D.I.C.E and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awards.

The game is shaping up to be a respectful and enhanced version of the original, promising to bring the same emotional depth and innovative gameplay to a new generation of consoles and players.

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