Destiny 2: Lightfall: Guardian Games 2023 explained

Every year since 2020, Destiny 2: Lightfall has held an event known as the Guardian Games where Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters compete against each other in an Olympic-style contest.

Now it has returned in 2023 with a few changes and new rewards for players to earn. Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s 2023 Guardian Games. 

How to enter the Guardian Games? 

To start the Guardian Games in Destiny 2, head to the Tower and speak with Eva Levante. She will give you a quest and a class item which you will have to have equipped during the entirety of the event (May 3 – May 23) as you cannot earn Medallions.

If you are a Warlock you will receive a Warlock Bond, Titans will receive a Titan Mark, and Hunters will revive a Hunter Cloak. She will also give you a quest that you will have to complete to be able to start the Guardian Games challenges. 

How to earn Medallions? 

Medallions are the main currency of Destiny 2’s Guardian Games and can be earned by completing any activity in the game as long as the player has the class item Eva Levante gives equipped.

It is also used to push your class to victory. So, even if you do not wish to actively indulge in the Guardian Games, you can still help fellow players in your class by having the class item equipped while you go about the game normally. 

There are four types of medallions; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Bronze and Silver Medallions can be earned by completing activities like Quickplay Crucible, Strikes, and Gambit, while Gold and Platinum Medallions can be earned by completing Contender Cards, Raids, Trials of Osiris, Competitive PvP, Legend Defiant, and Grandmaster Nightfalls. 

Contender Cards

Contender Cards can be obtained from Eva Levante and essentially act like bounties. Players can hold only 2 Contender Cards at any given time; 1 PvE and 1 PvP. After a Contender Card has been completed, players can turn it in and receive a Gold Medallion or Platinum Medallion. Players can claim another Contender Card only after completing one or more of their already existing cards.  

How to win?

As mentioned earlier, Medallions are what determine the rankings of classes. Players must place their earned medallions on the podium that is located in the middle of the Courtyard in the Tower.

Doing so will score points for the player’s team/class. The amount of points for each type of Medallion varies. Bronze gives the least while Platinum gives the most. Players can see which team is in the lead by looking for the biggest flag on the podium. 

A winner is declared every day and every Friday, the winner for the week will be declared. During Fridays, an award ceremony will be held where players can receive a cosmetic aura based on the ranking of their class by approaching the podium.

These auras last a whole week. In the last week of the event, the class that has won the most number of days will be declared the winner and a statue will appear that will be present throughout the year until the next Guardian Games are held. 

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What’s new?


Supremacy is a returning game mode from the original Destiny. It is essentially Kill Confirmed from the Call of Duty games, where players will fight against each other in a team death where, upon being killed, they will drop a crest that their enemies must collect for the kill to count. Allies of said player(s) could collect said crest themselves to rob the enemies of their kill, so players will have to play more carefully. 

New weapons 

There are two new guns being added. One is a returning Void submachine gun called The Title and the other is called the Taraxippos which is a brand new weapon and also the first Strand scout rifle in Destiny 2. 

New Exotic sparrow

A new Exotic sparrow has been added Luminous Paragon and can be earned by completing the Platinum event challenge where players will have to bank a significant number of Medallions at the podium. 

New armor ornaments

Three sets of armor ornaments have been added for each of the three classes. They can be bought from the Eververse store for 1,500 Silver or for 6,000 Bright Dust. 

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