EA lays off more than 200 ‘Apex Legends’ employees

Quality Assurance testers at EA’s (Electronic Arts) Baton Rouge, LA office claim that they have been laid off without any prior notice. According to Kotaku’s sources, every tester at the office was laid off abruptly, stranding more than 200 employees jobless. 

The news of the layoff came to them via a surprise mandatory zoom meeting with their contracting agency, Magnit Global. The meeting was held at 8 a.m. CT, where the employees were informed of their termination. 

The affected employees were apparently allowed back to the office to collect their belongings only under the supervision of security. Conforming to the employment law in Louisiana, the affected employees are being given 60 days of severance. 

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The company gave a statement to Kotaku regarding the subject. It said: “As part of our ongoing global strategy, we are expanding the distribution of our Apex Legends testing team and ending testing execution that’s been concentrated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, impacting services provided by our third-party provider.

“Our global team, inclusive of remote playtesters across the U.S., enables us to increase the hours per week we’re able to test and optimize the game and reflects a commitment to understand and better serve our growing community around the world.”

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