Exoprimal: 5 best modules to equip

Exoprimal’s exosuits are powerful machines designed to fight off armies of dinosaurs. However, on their own, they aren’t enough to withstand the might of these ancient reptiles.

Modules and Rigs allow you to enhance your exosuits and customize them to fit your playstyle. Modules particularly offer great bonuses to help you in combat. Here are five incredibly useful modules to equip and upgrade in Exoprimal. 

Impact Reduction Module

This Impact Reduction module reduces the damage you receive from dinosaurs and the effects of their knockback attacks. As such this module is an obvious go-to if you want to play the role of tank in Exoprimal, but it’s also great for other exosuits that require you to get close to the enemies like Zephyr and Nimbus. 

Hi-Xol Compression Module

The Hi-Xol Compression Module increases the speed at which your Overdrive ability recharges. Considering how these are essentially the ultimate abilities in Exoprimal, it’s obvious how useful this module is.

Additionally, it is especially useful for support suits like Skywave and Witchdoctor as their Overdrive abilities provide amazing support to the whole team.

Reload Efficiency Module

As the name suggests, the Reload Efficiency module reduces your reload and recharge time. While it may not seem as useful as some of the other modules, Exoprimal’s matches are essentially races between two teams.

So, more reload time means more time to kill dinosaurs, which throughout the match slows you down considerably. This module is also a must-have while using suits like Deadeye, Barrage, and Krieger. 

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Crafter’s Module

In Exoprimal, you can craft structures during matches, that will help you in various ways. However, you will require chips for crafting that can only be dropped by enemies, and their drop chance is not very high.

Equipping the Crafter Module will greatly increase the chance of chips dropping when you destroy a crafted structure, effectively reducing the need to farm for more chips. 

Rig Loading Module

Rigs in Exoprimal are special tools that you can equip onto your suits that will aid you in matches. These rigs can range from a powerful laser to a catapult that will allow you to escape hordes of enemies.

While they can be tremendously useful, they sadly, have a rather long cooldown period. The Rig Loading module fixes that by significantly reducing it. 

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