Exoprimal: Tips and tricks for beginners

Exoprimal, the latest game released by Capcom, is a coop PvEvP game where two teams compete against each other to finish the match the quickest while fighting off hundreds of dinosaurs.

While the game is relatively simple, it can be tricky to consistently win matches, especially for newcomers. So, here are a few tips and tricks for the game that will surely help players. 

Team synergy is vital

In a game like Exoprimal where you can fight hordes of enemies with cool weapons and abilities, it can be tempting to always equip and use the exosuits and rigs that you find to be the most fun and flashy.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it can often leave your team lacking important roles. Exosuits fall under different classes not just for name’s sake. 

Generally, the ideal team’s layout is two damage dealers, and one tank and healer each, however, because the game allows you to change suits on the fly, you can change the team composition however you see fit. 

Set your favorite exosuit

Speaking of exosuits, when you first start in Exoprimal, you will notice that you spawn in with the default suit, Deadeye, after which you might spend precious moments switching to your desired suit.

To avoid all this inconvenience and spawn in with the suit you want, simply head to your hangar to favorite the suit you want to use. 

Equip modules

Since we’re still on the topic of Exoprimal’s exosuits, make sure you equip some modules as they offer great bonuses. Essentially these modules can be thought of as perks that can be upgraded with Bikcoin.

At first, the bonuses they offer may not seem much, but after leveling them up you will realize their usefulness. Additionally, it’s a good idea to prep at least one tank, assault, and support exosuit each with modules so that you can switch to them when your team needs any of their assistance. 

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You are in a race

The obvious parallels one would draw Exoprimal to is Warframe or maybe even Vermintide 2. All three games revolve around killing hordes of enemies and all of them let you do it in co-op.

However, a major difference that sets Exoprimal apart is that it is a PvEvP game where you are essentially in a race with the opposite team to get to and finish the final stage. So, keeping this in mind your priority should be to complete the stages as fast as possible, even if it means you or some of your teammates get downed. 

Additionally, you will see glimpses of the enemy team’s ghosts while playing through matches that reveal their progress and location in real-time. This information can be extremely useful if you play your cards right. 

Use Dominators at the right time

Dominators in Exoprimal are rigs that allow you to take control of a dinosaur and wreak havoc on the enemy team. This is an extremely powerful tool if used right and therefore keep a lookout for it during matches.

If and when you do manage to get a hold of them, make sure to use them intelligently. It has the power to hamper the enemy team’s progress if you are behind them and stop them from catching up to you if you’re ahead of them. 

Create chokepoints

This goes for any game where you have to fight an overwhelming number of enemies, but even more so for Exoprimal as the game gives you more chances to do so with its terrain and tank shields. 

When an army of dinosaurs is charging toward you from different directions, it’s a great idea to move to a place where all of them can reach you only through one place, essentially creating a chokepoint.

When they crowd up in such places it not only allows you and your teammates to take them out in one go, but also kills them much quicker. 

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