Final Fantasy 16: 8 best accessories to have

Like in the previous Final Fantasy games and RPGs in general, Final Fantasy 16 has accessories that can greatly enhance your builds and help you in combat. There are many accessories in the game, and here are 8 of the best. 

8) Bahamut’s Mercy

Bahamut’s Mercy is a must-have if you’re planning on using the best Eikonic ability offered by Bahamut, which is Gigaflare as it reduces the cooldown by 10%. 

To get this accessory you will have to complete the “A Tail to Tell” side quest in Final Fantasy 16

7) The Breath Of Fire

Flames of Rebirth is one of the best Eikonic abilities to use in Final Fantasy 16 as it can deal good damage to multiple enemies and also heal you while doing so. However, it has a rather long cooldown period. The Breath of Fire fixes this issue, by reducing it. 

Equipping this accessory will allow you to use Flames of Rebirth 12 seconds faster each time you cast it, which can be extremely useful when fighting a large group of enemies that are taking a while to kill. 

6) The Breath of Lightning 

Judgment Bolt is one of the best damage-dealing abilities options in Final Fantasy 16, but similar to Flames of Rebirth, it too has a long cooldown period. The Breath of Lightning accessory greatly helps, by reducing the cooldown by 9 seconds! 

5) High Cleric’s Medallion

High Clerics Medallion drastically increases the amount of health you recover when a High Potion is used. Normally, you would recover 48 percent of your maximum HP, but while wearing the High Cleric’s Medallion you will get back 73 percent of your HP.

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4) Berserking Ring

The Berserking Ring will require you to master the precious dodge mechanic in Final Fantasy 16 to reap its benefits. It significantly increases your attack proficiency every time you perform a precision dodge allowing you to destroy your enemies with your follow-ups. 

Precision dodges are quite challenging to get the hang of, but if you have the timing down, this ring will be of great use. 

3) On Fortune And Heavens

On Fortune and Heavens is a simple but useful accessory. While it’s equipped, you will earn an additional 15 percent XP. While it may not seem much at first, you will quickly realize how much extra XP you can receive by killing a bunch of enemies with it equipped.

2) Genji Gloves

In the same vein as the Berserking Ring, Genji Gloves also increase your damage output. However, with the Genji Gloves, you do not have to perform a precision dodge or any other difficult tasks to get the benefit.

You will have a 5 percent damage increase permanently at all times while wearing these accessories, making them extremely helpful while fighting particularly beefy opponents that take a while to kill in Final Fantasy 16.

1) Talisman Of Priming

Limit Break is beyond helpful in long endurance fights and Final Fantasy 16 has more than a few of those. However, filling up the Limit Break bar can take a while.

Lionheart Tonics can accelerate this as they fill your Limit Break bar for 33 seconds, making them extremely useful in long endurance fights. This is where the Talisman of Priming comes into the picture. 

This accessory is the best in Final Fantasy 16 for the sole reason that it increases the duration of Lionheart Tonics by a whopping 30 seconds.

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