Final Fantasy 16: All Shiva Abilities ranked

Final Fantasy 16 has eight Eikons, which further offer players multiple abilities on the battlefield to fight and slay enemies. Shiva is one such Eikon and its powers revolve around ice. It has five abilities in total, and each of them is unique in its own right. Here are all of them ranked from worst to best. 

5) Mesmerize

Mesmerize launches shards of ice in multiple directions around Clive that, upon striking lighter enemies, draw them toward him. This ability has two points, each in attack and stagger, not making it a great ability on its own.

However, when coupled with Diamond Dust you will do a massive amount of damage. The best way to use this combination would be to move closer to stronger enemies and use Mesmerize then immediately follow that up with Diamond Dust.

This will deal a large amount of damage to everything around you, and any enemies that survive will be left staggered allowing you to finish them off with ease. While Mesmerize is useful and worth purchasing, the reason it is ranked the lowest is because on its own it isn’t that great. 

4) Rime

When Rime is activated, Clive summons a massive crystal that continuously deals damage to the enemies trapped inside it while simultaneously immobilizing them.

This is a great ability for crowd control not only because of how the crystal can halt enemies who were unfortunate to get caught in it but also because you can knock enemies into it even after it has been summoned. 

The one major downside to this ability is that it can only entrap smaller enemies. So while it is useful, you will still have to deal with the larger foes without the aid of the crystal.

Another downside to this ability is that it slows down the pace of the combat as you will have to position yourself in such a way that the enemies will get trapped inside the crystal as you deploy it. Furthermore, if you wish to make full use of it, you will have to focus on pushing all the smaller enemies into the crystal, further slowing down the pace of combat.

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3) Ice Age

Ice Age unleashes a wave of icicles toward enemies that will damage them and knock them back. However, this ability is less useful for its damage and more so for its crowd control capability. 

Unlike Rime, this ability can be used in the heat of the moment and doesn’t require you to position yourself as much. To make the most out of this ability you can charge it and unleash it when the meter hits red to increase the range and the effect of the knockback.

This can be used defensively to give yourself a breather and offensively to knock back enemies allowing you to finish them off easily. And the best part about this ability is its short cooldown allowing you to use it more frequently.  

2) Cold Snap

Cold Snap gets second place despite it not being a primarily offensive ability. It allows you to slide over ice in any direction and freeze enemies for a very short duration. The best part is that there is no cooldown. 

Another great feature is that when you execute a perfect dodge with this ability, you will activate Permafrost, leaving enemies frozen for longer and vulnerable to increased damage. While the previous abilities may seem better functionally, the sheer utility of Cold Snap keeps it high on the list. 

1) Diamond Dust

Activating Diamond Dust will summon a storm that moves in a big radius, freezing enemies in all directions. This is followed by large icicles rising from the ground and damaging the enemies, knocking them back in the process. Those who manage to survive will be left staggered for you to finish them off quickly. 

As you might have guessed, this is an immensely powerful ability and there’s not much else to say about it. The only significant drawback is that it has a long cooldown of 75 seconds which is worth the wait. 

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