Final Fantasy 16: All Phoenix Abilities ranked

Final Fantasy 16 has eight Eikons, which further offer multiple abilities to the players. Phoenix is one such Eikon, and its powers revolve around fire. It has five abilities in total, and each of them is unique in its own right. Here are all of them ranked from worst to best. 

5) Rising Flames

Rising Flames is an ability that makes Clive dash forward and perform a fiery uppercut on an enemy. 

It’s amazing against regular enemies, particularly smaller ones as it can launch them into the air. That’s not to say that it’s bad against bosses as its short cooldown will allow you to use it more frequently.

However, the best time to use it is when an enemy is blocking your attacks as this ability can ignore it completely and open them up for combos. It works just as well as a combo opener because of how easy it is to chain into other abilities. 

4) Phoenix Shift

When Phoenix Shift is activated, Clive will almost instantly close the gap between him and his target even if they are in mid-air. While this ability is a great way to reach enemies far away from you, it can also be used to chain into melee or magical attacks, easily allowing you to play more aggressively. 

Although Rising Flames does deal damage, Phoenix Shift ranks higher because of its sheer versatility and as such, you may find yourself using this ability many times in Final Fantasy 16.  

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3) Scarlet Cyclone

Scarlet Cyclone lets you perform a spin attack that creates a ring of fire around you, burning anything that comes in contact. Since the hitbox lies on all sides, it’s effective if you’re trapped between a bunch of enemies.

More importantly, this ability can be cast even when you’re being knocked back, making it extremely useful when you find yourself being beaten around.

Furthermore, its cooldown gets reduced by a third when you use it while you’re being knocked back, making it all the more useful for such situations. It also has to be mentioned that this ability can deal good stagger damage, especially against tougher enemies and bosses in the early game. 

2) Heatwave

When Heatwave is activated Clive will perform a fiery swipe that will block enemy projectiles, this can then be followed up with a barrage of fiery shockwaves that can hit enemies at medium range. If you manage to block an enemy’s projectile, the cooldown for this ability will be reduced by a third and the shockwaves you create after will deal more damage. 

There is not much to say about this ability other than that it’s useful in getting rid of ranged enemies that are hiding behind groups of melee ones. Overall it’s a great ability to have and is worth upgrading.

1) Flames Of Rebirth

Flames of Rebirth is the best Phoenix ability in Final Fantasy 16. When used, you will summon streaks of fire that will waft and swirl about you dealing lots of damage to anything that’s within range. Some of your health will also get restored during the animation. 

There’s not much to say about this ability either, as it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to its usage. This ability is rather expensive to upgrade as the base ability alone will cost you 1695 points. The first upgrade will cost you 2390, and mastering it will cost you 4250 more, making the total cost 8335.

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