Fortnite: How to do all Encrypted Cipher Quests?

A new cypher quest line was added to Fortnite in patch 23.50 and within it, are a few Encrypted Cipher Quests, that can be tricky to solve. Worry not as we have a detailed Fortnite guide for the same.

Cipher Quest – 

  • Head to anvil square and enter the garage on the eastern side.
  • Locate a locker that is blocking a doorway.
  • Smash the locker and enter the doorway which will lead you downstairs to an underground bunker.
  • Across from the stairs will be an interactable item sitting on a table. Interact with it to proceed to stage 2. 

Cipher Quest – 1.22.

  • Head to the bowling alley (Splits Bowl) in faulty splits. 
  • Enter the building and use a spray emote and you will complete stage 2. 
  • Using the spray emote on top of the building should work too so you could land directly on it if you want to. 

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Cipher Quest –

  • Travel to Lonely Labs, which can be located near the northeastern part of the map.
  • Locate a storage container that is open. 
  • Enter the container and head down the stairs. 
  • Interact with any of the computers after you reach the bottom of the stairs to complete stage 3. 

Cipher Quest –

  • Make your way to Shattered Slabs. 
  • Go to the north-western side of the area. 
  • Head to the top of the multi-leveled hill, where you will find a shiny rock in an alcove. 
  • Melee the rock to change it into an arcade machine to complete this stage. 

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