Mech Arena tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Mech Arena is a competitive mech shooter available on PC, Android, and iOS. It features intense combat that requires a lot of strategy and preparation.

Beginners may find this game to be more than challenging so here are a few tips and tricks to help them. 

Take out the vital targets first

In Mech Arena more often than not you will encounter opponents who have well-thought-out mechs and combinations that will excel in certain games.

They will have an advantage because of this and therefore must become your primary targets.

The longer these targets are alive the lesser the odds of you winning, so make sure to take them out as quickly as possible. 

While you could use heavier mechs to battle it out with these targets, another equally if not better way to take them out is by using fast-moving mechs to go behind them and attack as back attacks deal 150% more damage. 

Be unpredictable

Mech Arena requires you to be strategic and think carefully, so be sure that your opponents will be thinking and guessing just as much as you, which is why you absolutely cannot afford to be predictable. 

For example, when you go behind a wall, you will still be visible to your opponent for a moment.

While this may seem like a disadvantage, you can use it to play mind games.

Maybe stay still until you aren’t visible and then make your move.

Or you could pretend to move in one direction while you’re visible and then go somewhere entirely different once you aren’t visible anymore.

It’s all about keeping your opponent guessing until the last moment. 

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Use your sprint wisely

Your mechs in Mech Arena can sprint, which is extremely useful to get out of sticky situations.

However, you cannot sprint indefinitely and only for a certain distance after which the ability will go on cooldown, making this ability extremely valuable.

So make sure this ability does not go to waste. 

Use corners to your advantage

This is rather obvious, but make sure to use cover whenever you can in Mech Arena, and we don’t just mean running behind objects when you’re being shot at.

Near the edge/corner of most objects will lie a sweet spot where most of your mechs will be hidden, and only just enough exposed for you to be able to shoot.

Shoot at your opponents from this sweet spot to be relatively safe while simultaneously being able to deal damage.

However, note that you won’t be immune to weapons that do splash damage as they deal damage to a radius around them (in other words AOE attacks). 

Teamwork is key

Teamwork is key if you want your team to succeed in Mech Arena. Always stay close to a teammate as you may need their assistance or they are yours.

This will also give you a better chance of surviving encounters with more than one opponent from the enemy team. 

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