Remnant 2: 7 best weapons to buy in the game

Remnant 2, offers a plethora of unique weapons for players to kill enemies and bosses with. There are 74 weapons in total and it can be overwhelming to choose from, especially because you can only really upgrade a few to max level in a single playthrough. So, here are 7 of the best weapons to buy and upgrade in the game. 

7) Red Doe Staff

Red Doe Staff is a great weapon to have especially if you’re playing support in Remnant 2 as its weapon mod “Lifeline” allows you to heal 10% of your teammates’ HP.

More importantly, the mod lets you summon a spirit of the Red Doe when you perform a charged attack after dealing 250 damage, that will stampede any enemy in front of it dealing 195 damage. 

6) Enigma

Let’s get the one major flaw of the enigma out of the way, and that is its short range. However, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best weapons to use in Remnant 2.

It shoots a continuous beam of electricity making it great against robots, droids, and enemies that use shields. The beam can also deal a little bit of damage to nearby enemies so it’s great when dealing with groups of enemies. 

The “Chaos Driver” mod will allow you to place rods on surfaces that can tether together and continuously shoot electricity. 

5) Sorrow

The Sorrow is an alien-looking hand crossbow that has very high accuracy, a weak spot damage bonus of 115%, and base damage of 45.

However, when coupled with its mod “Eulogy”, it becomes twice as better to use, as the mod will allow you to recall bolts from enemies which will deal additional damage and heal you for 2% of your max HP. It’s also a great way to save your ammunition. 

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4) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a long bow that has very high accuracy and high base damage of 98. Therefore, its weak spot damage bonus of 115% is very effective when it comes to shooting weak spots of enemies. 

Just like the previous weapon, the Sagittarius mod turns it into an entirely different beast. “Starfall”, as it’s called, allows you to shoot an arrow that creates a portal that rains down star fragments on the targeted area.

This can be deadly when used in cramped spaces and tight groups of enemies. 

3) Nebula

Nebula is one of, if not the best handguns in Remnant 2. Instead of regular bullets, it fires a stream of acidic gas which can apply corrosion effect to your targets, and deal 300 corrosive damage over 15 seconds.

If said targets are killed from the corrosive damage, they will leave behind a cloud of the same gas which lasts for 2 seconds and will deal damage to enemies that come into contact with it. 

Its weapon mod “Nano Swarm” allows you to unleash a swarm of nanomachines that will last for 16 seconds, and seek out and attack enemies within a 20-meter range. This is great against large groups of enemies and especially useful when fighting a boss that spawns persistent minions. 

2) XMG57 Bonesaw

The XMG57 Bonesaw is one of if not the best long guns in Remnant 2 and also happens to be the starting weapon for the Medic class – another reason why the Medic class is so overpowered. If you did not pick the Medic class, fear not as it can be purchased for 1000 scrap. 

It has plenty of ammo and while it has low damage-per-shot, its fire rate ensures your target’s death quickly. However, all this does come at the cost of a very long reload time, but it’s more than worth it for this beast of a weapon. 

1) Nightfall

Nightfall is a semi-automatic long gun in Remnant 2, which doesn’t have very impressive base stats but does have a mod that more than makes up for it. 

When the “Dreamweaver” mod is activated, Nightfall gains infinite ammo, a 35% boost to its fire rate, a 10% life steal ability, and becomes completely automatic. It will also make it harder for you to get hit while moving.

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