Remnant 2: All Archetypes ranked

Remnant 2 keeps most of what made the first game so good while making a few changes to the core gameplay. One of them is the archetype/class system, which is more important to the overall gameplay this time. There are 10 archetypes in the game, and below they are ranked from worst to best. 

10) Explorer

The Explorer class doesn’t offer help in any combat situation and may seem redundant. However, it is still a beneficial class to employ because of its loot-increasing ability.

Essentially, it will allow you to find more loot, materials, and items. This wouldn’t be as helpful if it wasn’t for the fact that Remnant 2 is not very lenient when it comes to giving out scrap and materials, which can make it rather restricting when it comes to upgrading weapons. 

9) Challenger

Challenger is your standard tank class of Remnant 2. Its “Die Hard” prime perk allows you to take no damage for a certain duration during which your health is healed.

This may seem overpowered, and it is when it’s being used, but it has an outlandish cooldown period of 10 minutes! As such is only really useful in co-op against hard bosses to take the pressure off your allies. 

8) Alchemist

The Alchemist is a pure support class as all of its abilities revolve around enhancing buffs, increasing the duration of consumables, etc. Having one of your team will help as they can increase revival speed, strengthen protection, and more. 

7) Hunter

The Hunter is a damage-dealing class that also offers good support to their teammates in Remnant 2. Their sniper rifle will allow you to deal damage from long distances and their support abilities will allow you to do things like marking enemies for your teammates, spot them through walls, and — best of all — boost your teammates’ critical chance. 

6) Invader

The invader class can be thought of as the trickster or rogue class of Remnant 2 as its abilities revolve around agility and confusion. Abilities like the Shadow will allow you to deploy a decoy that draws enemy fire for 3 seconds, during which you will do an additional of 5% damage to enemies who are targeting you.

Their “Untouchable” trait will increase your dodge iframes making it easier to evade enemy attacks. 

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5) Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is one of, if not the best DPS classes in Remnant 2. They are deadly with firearms and can shoot at a rapid pace, dealing incredible amounts of damage. Their prime perk “Loaded” will allow you to reload instantly and have infinite ammunition! Other perks like “Swift Shot” will increase your critical chance, fire rate, and damage. All in all, this is the best choice if you want to play as a pure DPS character. 

4) Summoner

The Summoner, as you might have guessed from its name, summons and commands their minions to aid them in battle. However, these minions are more than just little soldiers that run around and draw the enemy’s, as they can also heal you and sacrifice themselves to boost your damage. 

3) Engineer

Engineer is perhaps the only class in Remnant 2 that can contend with the Gunslinger in terms of damage output. Similar to the latter’s prime perk, the Engineer’s own prime perk “High Tech” increases your weapon’s fire rate and damage and also gives you unlimited ammo for 15 seconds.

The reason it’s ranked higher is because its class-specific trait increases your armor making the class more balanced overall. 

2) Medic

The Medic, as the name suggests, is your standard healer class in Remnant 2 and is a valuable asset to have if you’re playing co-op.

The Prime perk “Regenerator” will allow you to fully replenish a teammate’s health. Other perks like “Invigorated” allow you to boost your teammate’s damage and critical chance which are both very useful against difficult foes. 

1) Handler

The Handler is a great support class in Remnant 2 and only beats the medic because of its capability to turn the player into a one-man army.

The “Bonded” prime perk will allow the dog companion that comes with the class to revive you when you’re down or revive your teammates while you focus on something else. You can also boost your team’s damage output with the help of the “Howl” perk. Things like this make the Handler the best class in the game. 

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